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Schaeffler Group MOVE Challenge 2014

Welcome to the MOVE Challenge Schaeffler Group Early identification program to discover talent at the best universities across Puebla

Marco Antonio Arroyo

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Schaeffler Group MOVE Challenge 2014

Schaeffler Group MOVE Challenge 2014
Student Profile
1 - 7th Semester to 9th Semester
2 - Searching for Challenges and possible internship in LuK
3 - English conversational level
4 - Good academic performance
6 - Availability (6 hrs per day)
7 - Presentation skills
8 - Basic Knowledge Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma

Accept Challenge 2014
Contact in LuK
- Marco Arroyo
- Cristhian Beiza
Meaning of MOVE
On Schaeffler MOVE is the way to eliminate "Muda" or waste in the Schaeffler Company using Lean Methodology

MOVE means:
M (Mehr)
O (Ohne)
VE (Vershwendung)
Why MOVE Challenge 2014?
Early identification program to discover talent at the best universities across Puebla.

Each university has a representative team to complete with other teams to become the best applying Lean Manufacturing at Schaeffler Group

Students learn and apply lean tools & develop a business project.

Talent pipeline: Growth opportunity

Last MOVE Challenge
Challenge accepted 2013
This guys accepted the challenge, new friends, new points of view, best practice awarded....
Make it possible.........................
Now is your turn to accept the Challenge.....
Great success in the last MOVE Challenge, look what they did....
New topics, new friends, new success histories
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