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Chumash native americans

A prezi about the chumash native americans

m bammer

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Chumash native americans

Chumash native americans
the chumash natives main source of food was the ocean. the food they got from it was fish. thye also ate nuts, roots, plants, and seeds.
chumash canoes
they chumash made 3 types of canoe. the types were dug out canoe, a canoe made out of tule, and a type called a tomol. tomols were made of wood planks, plant fibers, and tar.
chumash goverment
The chumash had a goverment . The goverment was not as advanced as todays goverment.
there was only one person in charge. they called the person in charge a leader. there was 1 leader in each village. they met with other village leaders and decided who can hunt in praticular areas. if a village leader dies the son takes over. if there is no son someone else in the familt takes over as leader.
where they lived
the chumash lived in los angels and a bit higher. they build there villages where they could find food and water.
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