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Child Labour

No description

Ashley Carpentier

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Child Labour

Child Labour
200 million are child labourers
100 million are trapped in its worst forms
Millions will never go to school
Violate the nations minimun age law
Threaten a childs physical, mental, or emotional state
Involve intorelable abuse, such as child slavery, child trafficking, debt bondage, forced labour or illicit activities
Prevents child from going to school
Uses children to undermine labour standard
Domestic service
Hotel, restaurent and retail
Minining and quarrying
Bananas in Ecuador
Cotton in Egypt and Benin
Cut flowers in Columbia
Oranges in Brazil
Cocoa in the Ivory Coast
Tea in Argentina and Bangladesh
Fruits and Vegetables in the Us
"It's not that Canada is free from Child labour, but in fact the debate is so murky that the issue remains invisible"
"It seems as though little pay attention to the working conditions of children in Canada until one of them dies"
-Marc and Craig Kielburger

Maxime DeGray
13 Years Old

Andrew James
15 Years old

1- a)At what age should a child legally be allowed to work in canada?
b) What age do you think a child can fully comprehend their rights as a worker?
2-In the Cases of Maxime Degray and Andrew James. do you belive that the companies that employed them should have some sort of consequence? If Yes, what should the punishment be?
3-Nestle claimes that they are unaware that child labourers were producing their cocoa. Do you think that this statement is true? Is ignorance an excuse? Is a punishment necessary?
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