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Southeast Asia

No description

Preston Thibodeaux

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Philippines Thailand Cambodia The culture of the philippines
is very diverse. It's a blend of
traditional Malay, Spanish,
American, and Asian Cultures. Sinigang Buddhism Muslim School School is controlled by
the DECS, CHED, and TESDA Republic Philippine people like to wear
shell necklaces, coco beaded bracelets, and hand woven dresses. Folk Dancing and movie cinemas during the day, and pubs and night clubs at night. Peso
The culture of Thailand
is greatly influenced by
India, China, Cambodia, and
the rest of Southeast Asia. Green Curry Chicken Buddhism
The Education system is
a 6-3-3. This means that there
are 6 elementary grades, 3 junior
high grades, and 3 high school
grades. School Thai Baht Constitutional Monarchy The fashion in Thailand
is greatly influenced by the
main religions, like Buddhism
and Muslim. Thai Kick Boxing The culture of Cambodia has
been greatly influenced by China
and India. The religions in Cambodia
have also had a great affect on the
cultural background in Cambodia. Amok Buddhism School was only offered
to males at first, but then
a law was passed in 1917. This
a primary and secondary education system for the kids of Cambodia. Over time more laws have been passed. Constitutional Monarchy Mostly all Cambodians wear a
scarf called a Krama. They wear
this scarf because it seperates them
from there neighbors the thai and
vietnamese. It also is comfortable and protects them from the suns rays. Riel Cambodians love to watch theatrical
performances, such as plays or ballets.
They also love to watch their sports,
such as soccar. Indonesia Indonesian culture has been
shaped by long interaction
with original indigenous customs
and multiple foriegn influences. Hinduism Buddhism Confucianism Islam Nasi Goreng Republic School in Indonesia is the
responsibility of the Ministry
of National Education of Indonesia. All citizens take 9 years of compulsory education, 6 in elementary and 3 in Middle School. Fashion in Indonesia is a mix of new and old. On special occasions or months they where traditional clothing. But on regular occasions they where the new style. Rupiah Indonesians watch plays or other things, like ballets and concerts. They also love to go to festivals. Malaysia Malaysian is a mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian. It is also a mix of other indigenous cultures. Muslim Buddhism Nasi Lemak Constitutional Monarchy School in Malaysia is overseen by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education. The Ministry of Education oversees up to secondary level, and the Ministry of Higher Education oversees the rest. The fashion in Malaysia depends on the cultural group that you are with. Each cultural group (Malay, China, and India) have their own fashion or traditional wear. People in Malaysia love the nightlife. There are so many clubs and places to go out. They also like going to their themepark, Sunway Lagoon. Ringgit
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