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Kristy King

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Quizlet

Diverse Learners:

Quizlet is a free website to help students learn vocabulary terms. Students can study flashcards, play games, and take practice tests. This website matches perfectly with our schools focus for this year: VOCABULARY! It also aligns with our technology goal of integrating technology to reach and enhance the learning our 21st century learners!
Check out this video on how to set up secure accounts for students under 13 years of age.
Other Important Details:
Uses for the Classroom:
Study Flashcards
Word, Picture, Definition
Word - Flip for definition
Definition - Flip for word
Practice Spelling Vocabulary Correctly (Speller)
Take Practice Test (Question Types: Written, Matching, Multiple Choice, and T/F)
Play Games - Scattter and Space Race

Students can...
Work in collaborative groups creating sets of cards for a particular topic or unit. Quizlet allows multiple people to edit and add cards,

Quizlet supports diverse learners in many different ways...
- Quizlet is great for auditory and visual learners.
-For Beginning/Struggling Readers - The cards are read aloud.
-For ELL - Pictures can be added to the words and definitions for visual aide.
-Also, Quizlet allows you to write in 18 different languages, so it's easy to create materials for ELL students.
-In "Speller" mode, students practice writing what they hear...the speed of audio can be adjusted to slow or fast depending on the students' level of understanding. Also, if a mistake is made Quizlet visually corrects the error,
re-reads the word, and reads the spelling one letter at a time.
-Although the auto define feature is nice and can save time, adding your own definition allows you to put it in terms your students will understand.
-Quizlet individualizes learning by helping students focus on items most
difficult for them. In learn mode, Quizlet remembers items missed and reviews these with students.

Teachers or students can create cards for any content area!
Teachers can create cards for students to...
Use your Smartboard to have students play "Scatter." Students move pictures and words around. When they match, they disappear. This can be used as a reward or taking advantage of those last few minutes!
Quizlet can also be used as a random name generator in class. Keep students on their toes, by having Quizlet decide who to call upon next!

Quizlet is useful for all ages and all content areas because any kind of study material can be added or created in Quizlet!
Quizlet is great for foreign languages, math, science, history, English arts, related arts, etc.!

See Quizlet's teacher pages for specific ideas on using Quizlet in the classroom!

Set up a class with all of your students, so they can
get resources all from
one place!

-It's FREE, but upgrades are available for a fee
-Review and test materials can be created quickly!
-Quizlet stores sets made, so there's no recreating
-It's easy to access so teacher will do less copying and worrying about students loosing vocabulary lists.

-Collaboration and learning is not bound by geography
-Allows for self-paced learning
-Aides students in learning through repetition, but in an engaging way
-Can study anywhere...online, mobile device, or from a printed copy.
Check out this video to see how Quizlet can be used!
Uses for the Classroom:
Uses for the Classroom:
Uses for the Classroom:
How Quizlet Came to Be!
Watch to Find Out Why Teachers Love Quizlet!
Quizlet Help
Quizlet's help page has TONS of topics and information such as: Getting Started, Upgrading Quizlet Teacher, Creating a Set (Basic and Advanced), Classes, Mobile Apps, etc. Check it out! It's a GREAT tool!

Sample Flash Cards
Check out these sample cards over Fiction Terms:
My Tutorial
Links to How-To Videos that are 45 seconds or shorter....
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