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knowing bar codes


on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of HACCP

Food safety in Receiving and Storeroom 4-23-2010. HCCAP Meeting. SLM. Handwashing: A closer look. How well do you know Did you know that
the most effective means
of preventing diseases through food
is through proper and frequent hand washing? Did you know
that more women wash their hands after going to the
bathroom than men? Did you know that there is a
Global Hand washing day? Simple scientific activity. barcodes? Different types of bar codes GS1 Prefix company number Item reference Japan 450-459, 490-499 US 000-019 Germany 400-440 Philippines 480 China 690-695 Thank you. Receiving --> Storage--> Serving
Receiving --> Storage --> Cooking --> Serving
Receiving --> Storage --> Cooking --> Cooling --> Re heating--> Serving
Receiving --> Storage --> Cooking --> Hot/Cold holding --> Serving
Receiving --> Storage --> Cooking --> Cooling --> Re heating--> Hot/Cold holding --> Serving Why is it important to ensure to keep our dry goods
in a "COOL, DRY PLACE?" cool = <24 deg C

dry = 65% humidity Every 10 deg C increase in temperature cuts the shelf life in half. Why we have to reject dented/bloated cans? Clostridium botulinum BOTOX Botulinum Toxin thank you.
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