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- AIAM5 - Global Alliance for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day"

- AIAM5 - Global Alliance for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day", is a nonprofit collaboration forum without separate legal entity which gather the world-wide freely acceded “5aday” associations and movements.


on 30 October 2018

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Transcript of - AIAM5 - Global Alliance for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day"

How and When was Founded?
What drives us?
What do we do?
Our aims
Support, sustain, enhance and create programs such as "5 a day".
Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in the world population within the framework of a healthy diet.
Bring together national entities that promote the fruits and vegetables consumption.
Promote and to value the biodiversity, sustainable systems environmentally friendly for production and distribution.

Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela and Chile signed AIAM5 constitution in October 17, 2011 at the Embassy of Mexico in Madrid
Let our motto "More fruits and vegetables, the best choice for your health" is considered a priority in the policies of health promotion and prevention and control of obesity and other NCDs diet related.
Participate and support to WHO and FAO to improve global food and nutrition security
- AIAM5 - Global Alliance for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day"
"More fruits and vegetables, the best choice for your health"
In the 7th International Congress for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetables Consumption, held in Madrid in October -2011 was created
The International Alliance of Associations and Movements "5 a day" - AIAM5
What is "5 a day"?
"5 a day" is an international movement that promotes the consumption of fruit and vegetables.
This movement takes its name from the minimum number of servings of fruit and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), for the maintenance of a balanced and healthy diet.
What is AIAM5?
The Global Alliance for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day" AIAM5, is a
Nonprofit Collaboration Forum
, without its own legal status, which brings together national organizations to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables.
Suggest and support the Food and Nutrition Education in school as a priority for health promotion.
Organize conferences, meetings, and other events to exchange projects, experiences and knowledge around the fruit and vegetables
Develop benchmark documents to help our partners to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, based on the available evidence and adapted to the cultural and socio-economic environments
Who could take part in AIAM5?
It can be a
full member
one association by country , representing nationwide the promotion of fruits and vegetables consumption, which is registered as a legal entity named or not "5 a day".
No annual quotas.
It can be a
Collaborating partner
any national entities which are in the creation process of a national Association such as "5 a day" or those which share the goals of the Alliance attending to its International congresses
How do we work?
The Alliance is headquartered in the country that organizes the International Congress, held with a maximum frequency of 2 years.
Till Nov 2015, the headquarters
has been in Mexico. Currently it's
in Colombia
Without annual quotas.
The agreements are taken unanimously.
Face to face meetings are held in the framework of the International Congresses.
Next, in Bogota 19th of october 2016.
There are frequent virtual meetings.
Costa Rica
United States
New Zeland
Development of questionnaire to classify, analyze and evaluate the actions of AIAM5 partners in the promotion of fruit and vegetables
Writing an article with data collected from 8 AIAM5 members. Accepted in
Foundation of the Scientific Committee of the Alliance
Launch of National Days of Fruits and Vegetables in all member countries
Acknowledgment of governments from El Salvador and Costa Rica of National Day of Fruit and Vegetables
Presidency 2016
In total 28 countries
Collect and Share Best Practices in communication, education, training and information about the promotion of Fruits and Vegetables consumption.
Disseminate statements and resolutions adopted and developed in the framework of the International Conferences organized by the Alliance.
Collaborate with local, national and international organizations that are aligned with the goals of the Alliance
Currently 26:
Colombia, Costa Rica, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Bolivia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, Norway, Chile,Homduras, Italy, Poland and Portugal
Currently 2:
Paraguay and Peru.
The Association which organizes the Congress of the Alliance, has the
and one that has organized the previous, the

is responsibility of Spain and the Vice-secretariat on Colombia
Request to FAO and WHO to take part as a
stakeholder in the Initiative of Fruits and Vegetables for Health
Request to FAO for commemorate the
World Day of Fruits and Vegetables,
every Friday of the week of October 16th which World Food Day is celebrated
Statement of principles to establish the main lines with which the fruit and vegetable consumption promotion strategies of the AIAM5 members, should be aligned
XI International Conference
for the Promotion of Fruits and Vegetables the Consumption, held on Nov. 2015 in Merida- Mexico.

V AIAM5 General Meeting
gathered 25 delegates coming from:
Join AIAM5! Take Part!
"More Fruit and Vegetables, the best choice for your health”

El Salvador
Secretariat 2016
Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Hungary, Spain, Chile, Portugal, Japan, France, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Finlad, Honduras, Peru, Poland, Costa Rica and Paraguay
See you in
where the XII International Congress for Promotion of Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables will be held in 2016.
With AIAM5 was consolidated in a formal way joint work developed since 2005 by the group of Ibero-American Associations for the Promotion of the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables "5 a day".
The International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance (IFAVA), founded in 2004, joined AIAM5 in an agreement signed in Phoenix - USA on March 2015
The Global Alliance for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day" - AIAM5
Disseminate "The Global F & V Newsletter"
It Currently reaches 30 countries and is published in French, English and Spanish.
National organizations for promoting fruit and vegetables consumption from USA, Canada, France and New Zealand which formed IFAVA
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