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Scientists that Contributed to the Cell Theory

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ashley noe

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Scientists that Contributed to the Cell Theory

The Cell Theory: A Historical Perspective
Zacharias Jansen
Made the microscope in the 1590. Claimed he also invented the telescope and controversy.
Anton Van Leewenhoek
In 1673 he created a powerful single lens microscope.He observed pond water and discovered small animals. Leewenhoek called them animalcules because they looked like tiny animals.
Robert Hooke
In 1665 Hooke cut a thin slice of cork and then looked under a microscope. What he saw were tiny boxes that he named cells.
Matthias Schleiden
In 1838 he determined plants are also composed of cells.
Theodor Schwann
Around 1838-1839 he identified the cell as a basic structure of animal and plant tissue.
Rudolf Virchow
In 1858 Virchow stated the all cells come from another living cell.
Louis Pasteur
In 1861 he pasteurized wine and milk. He discovered several bacterial pathogens.
Sources :
1. http://www.history-of-the-microscope.org/hans-and-zacharias-jansen-microscope-history.php
By: Ashley Noe
The End
Cell Theory
1. All living things are made up of cells.
2. All living cells come from pre-existing cells.
3. The cell is the basic unit of life.

He helped other scientists
discover other things with
his invention of the
He named the cells he saw cells which
made other scientists want to know
more about them.
His invention helped him discovered
cells which were in the water that
no one knew about.
His idea showed that plants are
made up of cells and does not
come out of no where.
He discovered that cells are aren't made
of nothing. It was part of the cell
He discovered that all cells come from others which helped others know more about cells.
He discovered which helped know others know that cells are in different things.
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