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Part 6

No description

Angela Aguilar

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Part 6

Part 6
the lesson plans-Emma
Samuel Bester wrote an unofficial letter to Ms. Barrett giving suggestions about what to do about students and what to do with issues in the classroom like how many inches high the window is.
page 186 #12-Tytiana
This line of the novel can go both ways. Not only can the children get distracted from the teacher and her attractive clothing however, the teacher should have rights as in to what she wants to wear as long as it isn't to revealing.
Page 185 part 1 - Bryana
The letter written to Sylvia about her class showed the schools poor way of prioritizing. Particularly the part when it is written that the windows weren't evenly open.Anyone who is to observe a class, should not be focusing on the windows but more on the academics.
venn diagram
Compare the lesson plans and techniques of the teachers at Calvin Coolidge and TMLA.
Introduction -Angela
The lesson plans at Calvin Coolidge were planned out, however the teachers never had a chance to go according to the plans.They were always focused on the physical aspexts of the classroom and how the kids were behaving.
"Your quick praise of pupil effort and your genuine interest in what they say are first rate! It's fine for the girls to emulate you and for the boys to try to please you. But there are certain hazards in looking too attractive."
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