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Ancient Civilizations and Empires: The Hebrews

This presentation explains the lifestyle of the Ancient Hebrews, including their complex institutions, advanced cities, written language, advanced technology, complex economy, military, and the arts.

Taylor S

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Civilizations and Empires: The Hebrews

Ancient Civilizations and Empires: The Hebrews By: Taylor Shelman Complex Institutions The ancient Hebrews were monotheists, which meant they worshiped only one god, called Yahweh. These people believed that Yahweh had power over everyone.
A man named Moses prayed to God one day and God told him to form the Ten Commandments. These commandments formed the laws of Judaism and modern day civilization. Advanced Cities Written Language: Hebrew
22 letters made up of consonants and vowels
The Torah was the first five books of the Hebrew bible and is how we know of them today.
The Ten Commandments is also an example of their language Advanced Technology The Hebrews trekked through the Sinai Desert when they were exiled from Egypt for 40 years. During that time, they learned new tools from friends they met along the way Complex Economy With the help from the king from Tyre, Solomon created a trading supremacy.
Roles of men and women were separate. The Hebrew women's main role was to raise their children. Military When the Hebrews arrived in Canaan after wandering in the desert, they organized themselves into tribes that would provide military help during a dilemma. The Arts King Solomon built a massive temple in which to worship God. This temple was richly decorated in gold and bronze. The End YAY! From about 1020 to 922 B.C., three men named Saul, David and Solomon ruled the Hebrews in a kingdom named Israel. Solomon started building a temple which had an expensive cost to make. A revolt started that divided Israel into two parts: Judah and Israel. In 722 Israel fell to the power of the Babylonians and 150 years later, Judah did also. King Solomon Zodiac Mosaic in the Beth Alpha synagogue. Mosaics in the Beth Alpha synagogue Temple built by King Solomon
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