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The Blue Helmet

No description

kayla miller

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The Blue Helmet

The Blue Helmet WILLIAM BELL *William Bell was born in Toronto in 1945. He has three children: Dylan, Megan and Brendan. *He graduated from the Ontario College of Education in 1970
* moved to Orillia.
*He holds a master of arts in literature and master of education.
*William taught English and creative writing at Orillia District Collegiate and Vocational Institute, where he was the head of the English Department.
*he was an instructor in China at the Harbin University of Science and Technology and Foreign Affairs College.
*He taught at the University of British Columbia. award winning author
more than a dozen books for young adults. mid-80’s he was among the first novelists in North America writing specifically for young adult readers aged 12 to 17, and has been an innovator in this genre ever since. widely used in school courses of study, since they novelized political and social issues such as: *disabilities,
*gay relationships,
*student unrest,
*bullying. translated into ten languages including French,German, Polish, Dutch and Spanish. William Bell has written fourteen books. they are: Fanatics (2011)

Only in the Movies (2010)

The Blue Helmet (2006)

Just Some Stuff I Wrote (2005), short stories

Alma (2003)

Stones (2001)

Zack (1998)

Speak to the Earth (1994)

No Signature (1992)

Forbidden City (1990)

Five Days of the Ghost (1989)

Death Wind (1989)

Absolutely Invincible (1987)

Crabbe (1986) He has won the Belgium Prize for Excellence, the Ruth Schwartz Award (Canada), Manitoba Reader’s Choice Award, Canadian Librarian’s Association Award and Mr. Christie’s Award, among many others from his books. Summary Lee wants to become a member of the biggest, most powerful gang in his neighbourhood. But when his initiation goes wrong and the police catch him robbing an auto supply store. Lee's father sends him to live with his aunt in New Toronto.
Lee feels more lost than ever. His mother's death from cancer and his father's constant absence working two jobs means he has practically had to raise himself. But though he initially resists his Aunt Reena and the customers of Reena's Unique Cafe--a ragtag collection of the unusual, the unkept, and the deeply eccentric--Lee gradually learns to open himself up to his surroundings. When Lee strikes up an unlikely friendship, he is suddenly confronted by the ravages of violence, and is forced to face the concequences of his own aggression. Theme literary elements I used to support the theme were:
character development,
symbolism and
conflict. Character Development Characters Lee Lee *main character
*antagonist & protagonist in a way Doug & Reena *Flat characters
*dont do much Cutter *Flat character Lee made bad choices then ended up excepting his consequences Lee: "I want to know if you're going to charge me"
Carpino (officer): "Explain."
Lee: "That day you dropped me off at my aunt's in
New Toronto, you told me if I came back
home you'd nail me for the B and E and a
couple of assaults."
Carpino (officer): "Ya, so"
Lee: "So I have to know, are you going to charge
me? Because, if you are, I want you to do it
know. I'm ready. I Have a lawyer. If you're
not, I need to know that, too."
Carpino (officer): "You seem... different."
Lee: "I am different."
Carpino (officer): "How so?" Quote Lee: "It's a long story. Look I want to
start over. But I want to pay my bills
first, you know?"
Carpino (officer): "so you came here to be arrested. To
turn yourself in?"
Lee: "If that's what it takes, yeah."
Carpino (officer): "I don't know nothing about any
assaults or a B and E."
Lee: "what do you maen?"
Carpino (officer): " See that sign for the city bus?"
Lee: "Yeah."
Carpino (officer): "When number 52 comes along, you
get on it. It'll take you right to the
GO station." Part two Symbolism the peace keepers blue helmet symbolizes choices "Then you have two choices, the green helmet or the blue one. You can join the war, or you can keep the peace." Quote my opinion overall a good novel Questions What was the authors name?
Where did he move to after he graduated?
How many books has he written?
What was the main characters name?
What was the name of his friend he made?
What was used as a symbol in the story William Bell Orillia 14 Cutter Blue peace keepers helmet Thanks for watching bibliography
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