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Math Meets The Ice

No description

Diamond Davenport

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Math Meets The Ice

Math Meets The Ice Presented by: Diamond Davenport Did you see the difference in speeds? Example Formula Application of Inertia I=1/2 mR2 Ice Skater who weighs about 80 pounds Understanding the spins of a Figure Skater Watch this Skater spin.. Total mass average: 45kg
Total radius: 0.1meter
On 1 leg mass= 35kg
Radius= 0.1meter
IA=1/2(1leg mass)(Radius)2
IA=(0.175kg)(m2) IB=(Total mass- leg mass)(Radius)2 =(40kg-35kg)(.1m)2 =(5kg)(.1m)2 =(0.05kg)(.01m2) =(0.05kg)(m2)IB=(0.05kg)(m2) (0.175kg)(m2)+(0.TOTAL=(.225kg)(m2)05kg)(m2) NOW ADD IA+IB WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???? The smaller the number means the farther the skater brings in his/her arms, meaning the faster he\she will go Now watch this skaters speed. Works Cited http://spinnakers.org/mathonice.htm
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