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NEO 2012 - Technology

New Employee Orientation Instructional Technology Prezi

Eric Englert

on 9 August 2012

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Transcript of NEO 2012 - Technology

August 2012 Instructional Eric Englert
Instructional Technology Specialist Have A
Great School Year! Copier
Laminating Machines
Ellison Machine
Book Binders
Paper Cutters
Poster Maker What You Need To Know About
Instructional Technology in Santa Rosa District Schools Electronic Communication Policy Electronic Communication Policy Policy is on the Documents & Forms page
General Policies
Employee Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Email Retention and Archiving
Student AUP General Policies No Expectations of Privacy
As educators, we are held to a higher duty of care in the use of technology.
Your teacher station has been provided by the school district for the purpose of conducting school business. Don’t mix personal with business. No employee of the School Board may conduct personal business on school board time except for emergencies approved by the principal or Superintendent.
School Board equipment and supplies shall not be used to conduct personal business or other activity not connected with the school system. No employee of the School Board may conduct personal business on school board time except for emergencies approved by the principal or Superintendent.
School Board equipment and supplies shall not be used to conduct personal business or other activity not connected with the school system. Email
Retention and Archiving Email
Retention and Archiving All school business related email is public record.
You are required by law to archive email and any electronic communication related to school business (3 years).
Archiving guide on district Documents & Forms web page.
We use Outlook at work and Webmail at home. Student Acceptable Use Policy Computer and internet use should be supervised.
The AUP is required for all students.
Minors must not sign the AUP.
Student AUP status information must be available to all staff (schools document student AUP status in various ways).
No Student AUP required for
Teacher demonstration
Internet-based educational software (e.g., Disc. Ed.) School Technology Contact Setup email account
Install software
Troubleshoot district-owned hardware
Serve as district go-between Webmail Access email anytime/anywhere
Link on District home page
Secret logo shortcut
County username and password required Discovery Education Streaming & Assessments
New Employee Orientation
Thomson Gale databases and LitFinder
Visual Thesaurus
World Book Online DP Technical Support
PDC Documents and Forms
Approved Alternate Web Host List
Approved Instructional Software List
Request form for approval of new software
i-Safe Student/Parent Additional Resources
i-Safe web site http://isafe.org/ 40+ Technology Integration Coaches What We Do What the PDC Offers Who or What is the Professional Development Center? Who or What is the Professional Development Center? We also have a
Teacher Production Room Provide Facilities for Training
Develop, Deliver & Manage Professional Development
Support & Oversee Instructional Technology
Manage & Support Library Media Services
Support Instructional Television
Manage and Support Santa Rosa Webs 33 Inservice Representatives
60+ Mentor Teachers
33 Data Teams 33 Library Media Specialists New Employee Orientation Good morning!
We are Marianne Robey and Eric Englert.
Marianne is a TSA Professional Development Specialist,
Eric is a TSA Instructional Technology Specialist, and
we work at the Professional Development Center. Vickie Beagle Director of Inservice & Professional Development 50+ School/Dept. Webmasters
33+ Tech Contacts We work with Two 24-station Technology Training Labs at Milton PDC
One 24-station Technology Training Lab ("South Lab") at Woodlawn Beach Middle School
Classroom Professional Development
Center Website https://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/pdc/
Library Media Resources
Inservice Resources
Online Courses
Documents and Forms School Board Policy:
6.83 Personal Business on School Time Report any inappropriate communication
that makes a student or employee
feel uncomfortable to an immediate supervisor. Be familiar with the AUP
and Implementation Guidelines. Use electronic resources for educational purposes, such as:
Classroom instruction,
Collaboration with peers, and
Participation in global learning communities. DO Keep passwords private
and change them frequently. Report any security problems, errors,
bugs, viruses, system weaknesses,
or damage to an immediate supervisor. Logoff or lock when
leaving a computer station. Use another person's username and password.
Leave your user account open or unattended.
Violate copyright.
Monopolize bandwidth or other shared resources.
Use the network for video or audio entertainment.
Use electronic resources for illegal activities. Don't District Resources Marianne Robey
Professional Development Specialist Susan Crawford
Race To The Top Specialist David Richardson
Content Filter Administrator Lisa Dahlgren
ITV Specialist PDC Staff Dennis Boyce
ITV Specialist Balinda Cook
Inservice Secretary Regenia Bauldree
Secretary District Technology Committee
Professional Development Council School officials may review files and communications to ensure that users are using the system responsibly. Contact with students using electronic devices should always be ethical.
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