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Informative Speech on Rock Climbing

A speech that gives a brief history of the sport of rock climbing, discusses some of the types of climbing, and gives examples of some famous rock climbers.

Isaac Levin

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Informative Speech on Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing! History Types of Climbing Famous climbers Lead Climbing VS. Sport Trad Top Rope Bouldering Free Soloing Big Wall Uses anchors and rope Rope attached to top of climb At times, you will be
above last anchor point No Protection For Crazy People Only Free Base: slightly safer Deep Water Solo Multi Day Climb Very Expensive Short Climbs:
No higher than
12-15ft on average Minimal Gear Required:
Crash Pad, Climbing Shoes
and Chalk Bag Chris Sharma Daniel Woods Alex
Honnold Alex Puccio Early 19th Century: Considered a sport in Saxony, England and Italy Elbsandsteingebirge in Saxony Lake District In England Dolomites in Italy Became a Full Sport after the first ascent of Napes Needle by Walter Parry Haskett Smith in the late 1880s Clubs soon formed and different variations of climbing were developed. Napes Needle Great Gable in the
English Lake District So GET OUT THERE!!!!!
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