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Dog Days

What Are Dogs Thinking?

sophia bukowski

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Dog Days

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Understanding The Basics Learning how to understand your dog. Think... Think... Think... Thanks for watching Dog Days! I hope you learned
a fact or two. Make sure to visit my tri board! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE... MOTIONS VIDEO TIME!!!! Understanding Dogs are animals that are smart enough to understand some of the human language. They help us to understand them better by showing us what they need. Dogs are the subspecies of the gray wolf.They are very smart animals. They learn from humans how to feel about certain things. They can sense if you are scared, sad, worried, happy, or any other feeling. And they will know to feel that way about that certain object or thing. REVIEW TIME! True or false? A dog is smarter than a human. Can dogs speak? Can dogs sense what humans are feeling? ANSWERS!!!! The first one is = Yes, the cerebral cortex is a part of a dog's brain.

The second one is = No, the statement " Dogs are a man's worst friend " is not a real statement. The real statement is " Dogs are a man's BEST friend " .

The last one is = yes they can sense what we are thinking. Dogs give us motions because they cannot speak to us. When a dog is scared or worried, they put down their tail and may whimper or whine. If they are happy they will wag their tail. If they need to go out to go to the bathroom, then they will look at you then at the door or stand in front of the door and whine.

You can learn how to understand your dog in three easy steps!
1. Watch your dog very closely. What do you notice?
2. Does your dog act strangely before a storm?
3. If your dog goes to the door often, you would expect that he has to go to the bathroom. Try to notice little things like that.
Now you have learned how to understand your dog. My sources were youtube, GOOGLE IMAGES, and wikipedia. Quiz Time 3. Can dogs sense what humans are feeling? Hope you liked LOVED my prezi! Come see my tri board!!!! A dog has many parts to it's brain. Here is a picture that shows what these parts are. Looks like we got time for one more video before the closing! fsdhdsdassasaasdsjhdjshduwyeiqy831nxjaiqp
lasuauiuiwuoqw RERERE WEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWWEWEWEWEWEWEWQ 1. Is the cerebral cortex part of a dog's brain? 2. Is this a real statement? Dogs are a man's worst friend. In The Eye Of The Dog What Are Dogs Thinking? INTERVIEWS!!!! Elena:

1. Do you have a dog? yes.
2. Have you noticed ay strange behavior? sometimes...
3. Has your dog ever acted strangely before a storm? We are always away for storms.
4. Has your dog ever acted strangely for a full moon? I don't ever look at the moon.
Bye! Thank you! Bye! Dog Days
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