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Facebook Training for Vendors

A quick introduction to Facebook pages. Prepared for the Midtown Farmers Market.

Marcos Lopez-Carlson

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Facebook Training for Vendors

We want to help you succeed! What is Facebook? An introduction to
Facebook Pages A social sharing network Two ways to behave Facebook has TWO types of accounts Case Studies Winter Goddess Foods Page Basics Best Practices Peter's Pumpkins Share anything! news, information & photos Used by people, businesses & organizations 1. Profile 2. Page Used by people
Connect with anyone
All relationships are reciprocal Used by businesses & organizations
Connections are one-way A quick review People, living breathing people have Profiles Become "friends"
Ask for permission to connect with others
People have access to each others information People become "fans" or "follow" a page
Anyone can follow a page
Pages do NOT see fans or followers personal info Profiles can do anything that Facebook allows
Liking Businesses and Organizations have Pages Pages can do LESS than Profiles
Can share with fans
People or pages who have "Liked" or "Followed" the page So that means a Profile is better than a Page, right? NO! Profiles are for people only. Businesses MUST use Pages. First, make a page! Next, fill out your info.
Website Make it visual! Cover Image
First things people see Avatar
That's your identity
Use a logo, your picture or something unique Admin Panel Change your settings
Reply to messages
Find out more about your audience using Insights What we do on Facebook
tell the story of the whole market
we post monthly photo albums
everyone is featured at least once a season How you can help us do it better
we want to promote our vendors
the more you share on Facebook -
the more we can share Pictures, pictures, pictures! Be yourself, tell your unique story! Don't just self promote - add value. Be yourself! This is SOCIAL MEDIA - be social and interact. More info at
http://bit.ly/FB4MFM Inform Respond Engage Keep customers involved Share interesting things Share their experience
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