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Thailand Tropical Rainforest

No description

Madeline Guttierrez

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Thailand Tropical Rainforest

Other factors

Plant photos
bengal bamboo
- Humidity is high: (77% - 88%)
- The forest floor soil is shallow with most of the nutrients close to the surface. Leaf littl and dead trees are quickly decomposed by bacteria, fungi, etc.
Shared a Link
- Bengal Bamboo
- Durian Plant
- Jau Plant
- Kapok Tree (Ceiba pentandra)
- Mangrove tree

"Rainforests", http://passporttoknowledge.com/rainforest/GEOsystem/Maps/se_asia.html, (10/25/14)
"[Biome - Living Worlds] :: Rainforest :: Plants", http://library.thinkquest.org/C0113340/text/biomes/biomes.rainforest.plants.html, (10/25/14).
"[Biome - Living Worlds] :: Rainforest", http://library.thinkquest.org/C0113340/text/biomes/biomes.rainforest.animals.html, (10/25/14).
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"Slender loris", http://www.duke.edu/web/primate/slendlor.htm1
- Bengal Tigers: Eats other animals that eat plants, balances out the food web.
- Sambu Fruit Dove: Perfect camoflauge. (Trees and flowers)
- Orangutangs: Long, strong arms to travel on trees and curved feet for extra balance when standing on branches
Slender Loris: No one's sure on how they survive since they are so small
Tropical Rainforest
- Latitude: 20° N and 16°S
- Longitude: 95° to 105°E
- Average daily temperature: Never drops below 68°F and never rises above 93°F
- Annual Precipitation: 200 cm to 450 cm
Thailand Tropical Rainforest
- Slender Loris eat a bunch of the bugs that eat off of plants
- The Indo-Chinese and Sumatran tiger prey on Asian elephant calves
- Each of the hundreds of fig species have their own species of pollinating wasp (Agaoninae spp), without which they would quickly fade into extinction and vise versa.

Madeline Gutierrez
5th period

Durian plant
Jambu Plant
Kapok Tree
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