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Food Webs

By Francisco C,Emmanuel A,Martin M, Alexis G, and Nelson K

nelson keopraseuth

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Food Webs

Decomposer The decomposer helps decay living things and give nutrients to the soil. Sun Producer The Producer is the second part of the food web,it produces its own food by using the sunlight. Consumer
What is a Food Web? A animal that eats
another animal for energy. A food web is a web that over laps
food chains. The Sun is the main part in the food chain.
it gives the light to the plants, so the plants
it can produce food Credits Food Webs By,Francisco C,Emmanuel A,
Alexis G,Martin R,Nelson K -Google.com
-Harcourt Science Text Book
-Song - Alex Clare - Too Close Ecosystems A ecosystem is a community of animals interacting with each other. Francisco Nelson lol 67 Alexis Emmanuel Martin
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