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Oil Pollution in Venezuela

No description

Samantha Camacho

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Oil Pollution in Venezuela

What are the consequences?
The killing of fish, animals. The people and the towns are all being affected due to the oil pollution.
What is being polluted?
A bunch of things are being polluted in Venezuela. For example fish are dying due to pollution.Burning oil has cause air pollution. Burning oil increased the smog in Venezuela.
Oil Pollution in Venezuela
By Samantha Camacho

What are the solutions?
One solution is for the factories to be more responsible ,decrease the need fro oil ,increase environmentalism in south America and the Caribbean.
Other interesting facts?
Venezuela is now the fifth largest oil producer.
Has been producing oil for more than hundreds of years.
Lake Maracaibo is the biggest lake in south America.

What is causing oil pollution in Venezuela?
The cause of air pollution in Venezuela is, prolonged oil production has taken its toll on the county's environment. There is significant oil pollution along the Caribbean coast and Venezuela is the regions top emitter of carbon dioxide.
What is happening to the shoreline around lake Maracaibo?
The lake is being polluted.Oil is spilling and has shut down tourist resorts.The lake is being polluted due to shipping oil.
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