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Maximising A's and A*s

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Jessica Evans

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Maximising A's and A*s

Maximizing A's and A*'s
Session Aims
1.) Setting Expectations - Creating an A grade environment
2.) Facilitating the Learning - Practical strategies for maximizing grades
3.) Assessing the Learning - How to best use data and assessments to maximize results.
4.) Revision - Maximizing revision time and effectiveness

What percentage of students receive an A-A* grade at GCSE at SJB?
Setting the environment for students to maximize their GCSE Grade

How do you promote positive relationships with students to enable them to maximize their potential?
Setting Expectations
Practical Strategies for Enhancing Learning
Facilitating the Learning
How best to Use Data and Assessments to Maximize Results
Assessing the Learning
Making the most out of revision sessions to maximize results
Maximizing Revision
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 30% 35% 39% 37% 48% 53% 52%

National Average in 2012

Last year's FFT data targeted 37%
Maths A*/A Target was 47% (these go to students)
This equates to 29 Students who were targets B's achieving A's
We are aiming for 60% A-A* Grades

That's 116 out of 193 in the year group
Target for next year........
Aspirational Target Grades
Constant referral to target grades
Regular Assessment with Minimum expected grades
High Expectations
Students take on responsibility for attending revision/homework sessions
Exercise answers projected on white board throughout lesson
Homework answers e-mailed to students at the start of the year.
Student autonomy on areas of improvement
Students mark exam style questions themselves
Independent Learning
Trusting Students
Variety of engaging activities
Encourage their inner geeks

Enjoying their Learning
Which topics are suitable for which sets?

Aiming to complete course early for revision
1.) Deciding on Topics

2.) The use of Blue/Orange Books
Casio Program
3.) Using Calculators Effectively
10 Things You should know
Starters for 10
10 key topics repeated fortnightly
5.) Use of Starters
Casio Program
Asking students to predict what graphs will look like before they see it
5.) Using Autograph
Students create their own revision guides
Examples from year 10 students.
4.) Using software
Cabri 3D
6.) Use of Card Sorts
Inequalities Example
7.) Homework Clubs
Giving Students a kick or a cuddle!
Involve parents - make use of speaking to parents at parents evenings
Half Term Tests
Using exam style questions consistently throughout topis
Students using mark schemes
Chapter Tests
Students using mark schemes and becoming confident with marks per questions
Peer Assessments
Self Assessment Tick Sheets
Link in objective tracker sheets as PDF
Revise Wise
Target 7/8 Students from February
Everyone welcome after Easter
Teachers take responsibility for their own classes - creating ownership and competition
Compulsory/ Voluntary Revision Sessions
Target/Topic specific revision session
Make sure students are using the mark schemes themselves
Exam paper tracker - students keep track of which they have done and what their scores are for each
Ensure students know how to achieve 100% before moving onto another paper
Using worked solutions
Exam Papers
Historic Data
Discussion Opportunity
Discussion Opportunity
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