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Females and Comics

No description

Trevor Frodsham

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Females and Comics

Comics and Gender
Business Relevance
Replicate and improve upon a study that already happened
How many people are active readers of comic books and How do our findings differ among demographics?
Who is interested in comic Heroines?
Knowing who is buying is vital information for any business.
Goals & Objectives

Problem Statement
A Market Research Project
By: Shellie Kostakos
Keoni Kaulukukui
Thao Pham
Trevor Frodsham
How do people feel women are portrayed in comics?
Men & Women
Most Familiar Female Character
Sample Answers
Read or watch at least once a month
"They are usually the ones who need to be saved."

"Women are portrayed as overtly sexy. Are they supposed to be saving the world with their breasts?"

"They are portrayed as saving people but not as strong as the men."

"Many are portrayed as strong and individuals, but their costumes portray the idea of sexual objectification."
More women responded than men.

Powell's Books did not respond to our request to post survey link on website/social media pages.

Qualtrics had some glitches.

Survey sent out during Spring Break

Limited computer at UC table.

Would the research and results have been different given more resources?
More representative audience.
Larger access to knowledgeable comic book fans.
1. To discover whether female readership is low enough to require a mass outreach program

2. To discover whether the connection between genders of the characters and genders of readers is strong enough for businesses to take into consideration
Original Studies
Female comic book characters
Fans - Men vs. Women
The Decline of Comic Books
Female Readership
Competition - Marvel
Comic Book Film Popularity
Females and comics
Overly sexual portrayals of women
How can a company like DC increase readership?
Overall Readership Results
Readership - Age
Readership - Relationship Status
Willingness to Pay
Willingness to Pay - Mediums
Genre and Traits

Focus on making comic books that contain more action or comedy.
Create main characters to be heroic or comedic

Create an out reach program to promote comics to a broader audience
- Via Facebook
-Via Emails
- Set up table in UC
-Personal outreach

Most college students do not read comic books.
Redefine the portrayal of women in comic books.

Movie popularity
Free comic with ticket purchase
Over 25--Graphic Novels
16-20 & Over 25--Digital Comics & Graphic Novels
Readership Recommendations
#1 - Manga ($12 @ 15%)
#2 - Graphic Novels ($8 @ 20%)
#3 - Comics ($4 @ 35%)
#1 - Manga ($12 @ 11%)
#2 - Comics ($4 @ 30%)
#3 - Graphic Novels ($8 @ 13%)
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