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Government Initiatives GCSE PE OCR

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emma haworth

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Government Initiatives GCSE PE OCR

Government Initiatives
Target Groups
To ensure more people are active it is important that all sections of society are equally developed.
Methods of Encouraging people into Physical activity
1. Using photos and images with a range of participants.
1. Research two other government initiative. Identify:
Who its aimed at
What are its goals
How it achieves these goals
Is it working
Eg Five Choices, Change 4 life, Healthy Living programme, 5 a day message or others you can find
UK sports organistations have identified 5 target groups whose participation rates are lowest. What are they?
Black and ethnic minority groups
Disabled people
50+ age group
Young People
2. allocating financial resources for physical activity
3.Senior figures in the sport making public statements about their intention to tackle equality issues.

"Racism is not only a problem in football, it's a problem in society. Until we tackle it in society, we can't tackle it in football."
John Barnes, former England midfielder
4. In articles or featured stories of publications address the issue of equality from both negative and positive standpoints
5. Raising the profile of physical activity and sport for minority groups
Encourages parents across the country to share good practice on how to get children to eat more fruit and vegetables.
It targets young families from low income backgrounds with children ages between 2-11.
Either copy or write in your own words the practical applications from your text book
2. Research:
What are the government guidelines on physical activity
How many hours a week should we take part in sport (children and adults)
What are the guidelines in terms of aerobic and muscle strengthening activities (pg 156)
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