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05.04 Modern Science: Assessment

Five advances in 20th century science that I think are the most important.

Alvin Jiju

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of 05.04 Modern Science: Assessment

5 Important Advances in
20th Century Science. The Birth Control Pill Flight was an important advance during 20th century science. It took several months or years to travel to far away places before its invention. Flight Television Television was an important invention during
20th century science. It provides us with various types of entertainment . We are no longer bored. There is always entertainment on TV. Penicilin Penicilin was invented during 20th century science.
Many medicines were made with penicilin. It was
the first treatment for many serous diseases.
Thanks to Alexander Fleming. Automobile Automobile invention during 20th century science
helped people to move around places faster. It made
traveling, trading and connection between places
faster and easier. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Birth Control pills are another important invention during the 20th century science. It allowed us to control the rising population. It helped to make a controlled community. In Conclusion I placed the pictures in this order because of my opinion on their importance. Transportation have most importance in modern society. That's why I put Plane and Car as 1 and 2. Medicine have the next importance because there are a lot of diseases today, that's why I put Penicilin after it. Then, I put TV for entertainment, because it's not that important like others because there are various other ways of entertainment in modern society. Birth control pills are only needed if you wanted to have a small family. I don't see much importance in that, that's why I placed that last. Alvin Jiju
World History Honors
Mrs. Hughes
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