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The Physics of Metal Detectors

No description

Madeline Pauley

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of The Physics of Metal Detectors

The Physics of Metal Detectors
How this thing works
Step 4: If we have a moving electric field, that also means that we there is an electric current moving.
How this thing works
Step 6: Because you’re moving the metal detector over another piece of metal, it causes that other piece of metal to generate another magnetic field to appear around the unknown metal, which is what the metal detector picks up on.

When and What?
The first metal detector dates back to 1881, create by Alexander Bell, when President Garfield was shot by an assassin.
Later portable metal detectors were invented, and after that the modern meta detector.
Metal detectors work on both magnetic and electrical principles.
How this thing works
Step 2: Inside a metal detector, it contains a coil of wire wrapped around the head of a handle called a transmitter coil
How this thing works
Step 3: When a current is run through the coil, it creates a magnetic field, and as your sweep the disc over the ground, the magnetic field moves with it in all directions
How this thing works
5. This process is called induction, which is when you change a magnetic field through a wire loop. So since that piece of metal has current, there must be a magnetic field associated with it too.
How this thing works
Step 1: Most Metal Detectors work off of a common battery.
How this thing works
Step 7: Located inside the metal detector is another coil of wire called the receiver coil that is connected to a circuit system with a loudspeaker. As you move the detector around and it find something, the magnetic field produced by the unknown metal cuts through the coil, and as you move the detector around, it generates electricity, a current, thanks to induction
How this thing works
Step 8: The circuit, having been generated, triggers the speaker to set off an alarm, letting you know you’ve found something. The closer you get to the unknown metal, the more current that flows making the loudspeaker get louder
Think you got it?
Ask us some questions!
Examples of Metal Detectors
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