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Is Panem a Uptopian or Dystopian Society?

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Mahham Khan

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Is Panem a Uptopian or Dystopian Society?

Is Panem a Uptopian or Dystopian Society?
How does the rest of Panem view the country?
Which point of view is correct?

The hunger games take place in a small country
called Panem. The capitol also known as the government of Panem,views the country as a Utopian society. Utopian is defined as perfect and idealistic, while the people in the society of panem view the country as an imperfect,miserable and overcrowded place also known as a Dystopian society. Every year Panem hs a horrifying, life risking battle known as the hunger games where one female and one male are chosen from each district of the country to fight against their will to survive. The government sees this as a form of entertainment. Everyday, every person in Panem except the capitol have to go hunting for food to eat instead of having food for themselves. Panem is more of a Dystopian society than a Utopian society.

Panem's government viewed the country as a Utopian society. In the governments perspective, Panem is perfect and idealistic. They say this because they dictate what every distirct can do. Their decisions are based on what makes them happy, not what's in the interest of the people of Panem. On the other side, the people of Panem feel they are being treated unequally. All decisions made by the government do not require having the people of Panem's say in it.

Another reason to why Panem is a Dystopian society is because each year Panem has a life risking battle also known as the hunger games, where one female and one male from each district from the country are put into the games. In the end of the games 1 out of 24 tributes will come out alive. This is unfair because instead of taking care of their parents and hunting for food, they are put into a game where they risk their lives just for entertainment.

The final reason why Panem is a Dystopian society is because each district has a specific specialty. District 11's special industry is growing crops. After the crops are produced district 11 has to supply the crops to the capitol. If district 11 stole any crops from the capiol, district 11 would get a punishment. The reason why the takes the crops away from district 11 is because they are a cruel government. The capitol of panem leaves the district to starve from hunger, hunt their own food to eat while the capitol takes the produced crops and eats it for themself.

In conclusion, after coming to know that a small amount of people view panem as a Utopian society, each year panem gives up a female and male into a life risking battle just for entertainment.
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