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Finding Nemo Heros Journey

No description

Maria Sawula

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo Heros Journey

Finding Nemo Heros Journey
Departure-step one
Call to adventure
-Marlin starts his journey with Nemo getting captured by a scuba diver when he swims to far out into the ocean. Now Marlin has to go out on a adventure to rescue nemo.
Refusal of the call
-Marlin at first is scared to go out beyond his home and find Nemo because he is afraid of all the unknown things out in the ocean and is scared of what might happen to him.
Answering the call
- The love for his son and the true bond between them motivates marlin to go out and find his son and rescue him.

Supernatural aid- The feeling of hope that he will find his son and the love for nemo is his aid throughout his journey
Side kick-Dory is marlins sidekick throughout his journey although she is often brainless. Even though she often forgets things she teaches Marlin many life lessons throughout the film
Companions-Crush the turtle,helps Marlin cross the currents, Dory helps find nemo and the pelican takes him to find Nemo. These are all of his companions.
CROSSING THE FIRST THRESHOLD-when marlin first leaves his home top go and set out and find nemop he cosses the first threshhold.
Initiation-stage 2
Road of trials- Marlin throughout his adventure encounters the sharks who say they are his so called friends but cant help their thuirst for blood when they meet Marlin and Dory. Also Malin has to face the currents during his journey.
Brother Battle-Marlin does argue with dory throughout the adventure over many things but still are very close friends during the journey.
Meeting with the goddess-Dory distracts Marlin throughout the film and sometimes even puts him off track with her brainlessness. Although dory can be smart at times when she remembers she forgets very often.
Master of two worlds-Now Marlin applied all he learned throughout his journey to trust his son and apologizes to him.
Freedom to live-Marlin allows Nemo to go to school on his own and trusts that his son can tcare of himself and not get hurt.
Departure amd Seperation
Marlin in finding nemo becomes a well known hero when his adventure starts to go and find his son that was captured by scuba divers for a girl named Darla.
Initiation - stage two
Night or Sea Journey-Marlin ends up at the doctors office where nemo is kept in a tank
Dragon battle-Marlin and Dory do battle with the sharks throughout the adventure because they smell blood
Ritual death or Dismemberent-Dory gets almost hurt by the jellies and Marlin has to save him and he gets hurt by the jellies but lives.
Sacred Marriage-Marlin does have a so called bond with Dory that is unbreakable as well as with his son.

Entering the Belly of the Whale- this is when marlin has to go into the birds mouth so he coukld take him to his son. He is scared because these are normally
Apothesis- Marlin believes that nemo is dead when nemo actually is playing dead sop he can escape.
Ultimate Boon-Marlin solves his problem wghen he finds Dory who said he found nemo and gets to save his son.
The Return- The final stage
Refusal of the return-Marlin does not refuse to go home he is willing and ready to return his son to safety. Although Marlin does refuse to go home unless they rescue dory from the net.
Magic flight-Marlin helps Dory escape from the net where she got trapped with the school of grouper and then they all head off home.
Rescue from without-Marlin gets stung by the jellies and is thought to be dead but he lives
Crossing the Return threshold-This he returns back to the coral reef with Nemo.
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