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cue for treason

No description

rachel van lanen

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of cue for treason

Cue For Treason Characters Kit standing up to Mr. Armthwaite Courageos acts 1) Sir Philip Morton Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Additional hero's A Tale of Shakespearean England Historical characters Shakespeare Themes It is important to help others despite risk to yourself Peter Brownrigg: a strong young boy who gets thrown into the life of a fugitive, actor and the Queens secret service system. Peter Brownrigg Sir Philip Morton: a rich evil man who makes life hard for Peter and Kit. He also wants to kill the Queen and rule all of England Kit (Katherine) Kirkstone: a spirited girl who goes against everything society expects of her. Kit Kirkstone Sir Philip Morton By: Rachel Van Lanen Conflict Peter Brownrigg VS Sir Philip Morton Peter Brownrigg VS Himself Peter Brownrigg VS Ullswater Storm Kit Kirkstone VS The Rules of Society Ullswater Island, England Peter Brownrigg Vs Sir Philip Morton At the very start of the book Peter is knocking down a wall that Sir Philip built. Sir Philip see's them doing this. Peter throws a rock at Sir Philip's head and completely misses. From that point on Sir Philip is out to get Peter. Peter throughout the whole book is running from Sir Philip and his men, getting caught a couple of times but always managing to escape.

Even though Sir Philip is an evil man, some good comes out of this chase. Peter meets Mr. and Mrs. Desmond, Kit, Shakespeare and many others who help him along the way. Peter Brownrigg VS Himself Peter struggles with decision making. Peter is such a nice person that whenever he needs to escape he always pauses and thinks on whether he is going to just hurt the person or kill them and always takes extra time after to make sure they are still alive.

Peter struggles with these decisions and many more because his life is now more difficult than ever. Peter Brownrigg VS The Ullswater storm Peter is imprisoned on an Ullswater island. Once he manages to undo the bonds he is tied with, a major storm hits and makes it impossible to swim across the lake and get to shore. The waves are too high and current too strong.

Peter manages to get across after the storm dies down but he is not left without a feeling of major exhaustion. Kit Kirkstone Vs The Rules of Society Kit is trapped by society. Kit feels so trapped and suffocated that she runs away and pretends to be a boy. Society wants women to be proper and sweet and to not hold any power unless you are the Queen and some people don't even think she should have power either. Kit escapes all this and becomes an actor (or actress depending on how you look at it) and meets Peter, Shakespeare and many more wonderful people though all of them don't know her secret yet. Greatest escapes The Escape from Sir Philip the final time
The Escape from Ullswater
The Escape from Mr. Armthwaites
The Escape at the play
The Escape form Peter's house 1) Escape from Sir Philip the final time Sir Philip see's Kit and Peter by the Virgin Mine. Peter and Kit run into the forest where Kit is overcome with pain because of a stitch in her side. Peter hears something and runs to the edge of the road where he see's Mr. Desmond. Peter calls Kit to come and see. They tell Mr. and Mrs. Desmond all about their adventures and Mr. Desmond comes up with the idea to act as though they have a thousand soldiers coming to capture Sir Philip and his men. Their plan works. They escape from Sir Philip but Sir Philip can't escape them. 2) The escape from Ullswater Peter is trapped on the island Ullswater with Sir Duncan. Peter cuts through his bonds and throws a rock at Duncan's head. He tries to escape but a storm starts making it impossible for Peter to escape. The storm does eventually die down so Peter may swim across but the current is still strong so Peter comes onto the shore feeling completely exhausted. Peter still has a distance to run even though he is exhausted because Sir Philip and his men are riding down the road at a thundering speed. Peter makes it off the road and into the bushes just in time. 3) The escape from Mr. Armthwaite's house Kit and Peter go to Mr. Armthwaite's house because they feel they can trust him with the story of the plot against the Queen. They soon realize after Mr. Armthwaite trys to ring the emergency bell that he can't be trusted and is working with Sir Philip against the Queen. Kit and Peter quickly escape from Mr. Armthwaite's house through his window and they steal his horses to get away. 4) The escape at the play Peter has been walking for a while trying to see if he can get a job. Peter sees a bunch of actors getting ready to put on a play. He goes in and buys a stool and bowl of soup with the money his father gave him back in Cumberland. Just when Peter is getting settled he see's Sir Philip walking into the courtyard. Peter quickly gets up and runs to the stairs behind him. He runs into a room full of actors with Sir Philip close behind him. Peter runs into the crowd of people and sees a box which is his final chance at escaping so he climbs in. He is in the box for most of the day, throughout the play and while they are traveling. Eventually the actors find him but they are kind people and they give him a job. 5) The escape from Peters house Peter and Kit go back to Peter's house after their horrifying discoveries about Shakespeare's play and Sir Philip Morton's plans for the Queen. Peter's parents are loving and kind people who let Peter and Kit stay in the house and defend them from Sir Philip as he comes up with his men to attack the house to get Kit and Peter. Peter's father tries to hold them off with his bow and arrow but they know that won't last for long so Peter's mother Mrs. Browrigg helps them out the skinny little dairy window at the back where no one will see them. Peter and Kit escape so they may go find the magistrate Mr. Armthwaite. Villains 2) Sir David Vicars (the yellow gentleman) 3) Mr. Armthwaite Sir Philip Morton Sir Philip is an evil man. He picks on the less fortunate. In Cumberland he keeps stealing the people's land for himself. Also he is plotting against Queen Elizabeth I. He wants to kill her and have the country for himself. He keeps finding ways to make Kit and Peter's lives miserable as well. Sir David Vicar He steals Shakespeare's play from Peter and is Sir Philip's best man. He is helping Sir Philip with his plot against the Queen. He is also known as the yellow gentleman for he looks like a gentleman but is really a traitor to his country. Mr. Armthwaite Mr. Armthwaite is supposed to be a magistrate worker of the Queen. Instead he is also working for Sir Philip and is in on the action. When Peter and Kit come to tell him about the plot, Mr. Armthwaite plays it cool but Kit can tell. If it wasn't for Kit, Mr. Armthwaite would have both Peter and herself handed over to Sir Philip. Sir Joseph Williams The Host and ale-wife of the inn Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Mr and Mrs Desmond help Peter and Kit when they least expect it. First they help Peter when they find him hiding in the box in their wagon. They don't ask questions except for "Can you sing boy?" (Trease 56). They take him in and make him an actor. They do the same for Kit though they do not know she is a girl. Also they create a scene to play for Sir Philip to trick him into surrendering. Sir Joseph Williams Sir Joseph Williams helps Peter and Kit with their information. He lets them into his home and listens to every word they have to say. He can't figure out everything out himself so he is willing to get them someone who could help them. Sir Joseph sets them up with Sir Robert Cecil who helps them figure out who the yellow gentleman is and what they have to do to help save the Queen. The host and ale-wife at the inn The host and ale-wife lets Peter and Kit into their inn and boards their horses. They let Peter and Kit get cleaned up and eat something. Of course Peter and Kit had to pay but they didn't have to pay for the wonderful advice they gave them Sir Robert Cecil Queen Elizabeth I Sir Francis Bacon Shakespeare Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway who was 8 years older than him. Soon after they were married they had their first daughter Suzanna and than later twins Hamnet and Judith. Shakespeare moved to England without his family and became a great poet and wrote at least 37 plays. Shakespeare died April 23, 1616 in Stratford and was buried in the chancel of the Church of Holy Trinity. Sir Robert Cecil Sir Robert Cecil was born in 1563. In 1588 Sir Robert was sent to the Spanish Netherlands on his first diplomatic mission to negotiate peace with Spain. In 1589 Sir Robert started doing the duties of secretary of state and in 1596 he was officially appointed to the position. In May 1591 he was knighted by the Queen and continued to get promoted over the years. On May 24, 1612 Sir Robert Cecil died. Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth I was born September 7, 1533. On November 17, 1558 when Elizabeth was 25, she became the Queen of England. Though everyone wanted her to marry and let her husband rule for her, Queen Elizabeth ruled by herself for nearly half a century. She loved poetry and plays, especially Shakespeare's. Queen Elizabeth died March 24, 1603. Sir Francis Bacon Sir Francis Bacon was born January 2, 1561. When he was 13 he met the Queen for the first time and she was impressed with how smart he was. In 1576 Sir Francis joined the embassy of Sir Amyas Paulet and went to France, staying there until 1579. In 1596 he was made a Queens Castle. On April 9, 1625 Sir Francis Bacon died from a chill. Peter and Kit getting Shakespere's play back Kit going back to save Peter Peter going to see if Tom Boyd is safe Peter and Kit saving Mr. Desmond from drowning Kit standing up to Mr. Armthwaite. Kit stands up to Mr. Armthwaite when they are in his home. Peter and Kit go there to tell the Magistrate of the plot against the Queen. Kit is a smart girl, she can sense somthing is wrong so she pulls a gun on Mr. Armthwaite and disables him from calling for help until they have left. This is a courageous act because KIt doesn't know what could have happened. Things could have not gone the way she planned. Mr. Armthwaite could have had a gun and shot her dead before she could explain anything. Kit was courageous enough to stand up for the Queen no matter what. Peter Going to see if Tom Boyd is safe Peter leaves Kit alone on the mountain to go see if Tom Boyd is okay at the peel tower for he did not return. Peter goes in the tower and sees Tom Boyd covered in blood at the bottom of the stairs. Instead of leaving he listens to the voices he hears at the bottom of the stairs. This is how Peter finds out about the plot. This is courageous because Peter did not know at first whether Tom died or was just taking too long. Peter went not knowing what to expect but didn't leave when he could have. Peter decided he needed to know about the plot no matter what. Peter and Kit getting Shakspreare's play back Once the play is stolen from Peter, Peter and Kit decide to go and get the play back. Peter climbs through the back window into the room where the play is, he uses daggers he found in the costume trunk as a ladder. Peter grabs the play and leaves. While Peter is getting the play Kit dresses like a girl again. She distracts the men of the house so that Peter can get in and out unnoticed. This is courageous because Peter and Kit did not know what to expect. They could have been captured or killed, but yet they still did it so they wouldn't hurt Shakspeare's feelings by loosing the play. Kit and Peter saving Mr. Desmond from drowning Peter and Kit save Mr. Desmond from drowning when their carriage is caught in the current of the flooding river. Peter realizes that when they first fell in, the horse kicked Mr. Desmond in the head so he couldn't swim. Peter knows he won't be able to help Mr. Desmond alone so he calls Kit over and together they get Mr. Desmond safely to shore. This act is courageous because Peter and Kit could have drowned or been swept out to sea. They risked their lives for the life of their friend Mr. Desmond Kit going back to save Peter Peter was caught by the miners of the Virgin Mine and told Kit to ride on but instead Kit turned back and tried to save Peter. This is a courageous act because Kit risked her safety and her freedom to save Peter. Peter says"Heroine or idiot? I don't know." (Trease, 253). I think she was a heroine because she risked herself for her best friend. Bravery, noble ideals and heroism inspire us and raises our spirits Good will always triumphs in the end It is important to help others despite risk to yourself The theme "it is important to help others despite risk to yourself" is displayed very well in this book for every time Peter and Kit see someone who needs help they help them despite the fact they could get caught by Sir Philip and his men. A few examples are when Peter went to go see if Tom Boyd was okay and saving Mr. Desmond. Peter and Kit stop at nothing to help those they care about. Bravery, noble ideals and heroism inspire us and raises our spirits Good will always triumphs in the end Settings Crosthwaite The stronghold Whitehall Palace Crosthwaite On the way to Peter's grammar school he describes where his school is and what the area around it looks like. He describes it as a broad flat valley. When the floods are out the Drentwater lake joins hands with the other lake, Bassenthwaite so only his school and church are on the higher ground, almost like an island. The stronghold Peter used to play at the stronghold when he was younger. There was a black lake with no bottom and precipices rose surrounding it in the shape of a horseshoe. On the side with no overhangs the ground fell away and a little stream came bubbling out of the lake to join Glendermakin River. Giant rocks littered the lakeside making a great hiding-place. There was one overhanging boulder that would have kept him dry on the wettest of nights. Other big stones lay in a large circle which they called the courtyard. Whitehall Palace Peter and Kit came here with the Lord Chamberlains men to act before the Queen. Their stage was in the great hall of Whitehall Palace. It was hung with holly, ivy, bays, rosemary, mistletoe, and thousands of candles. What I learned... Shakespeare Shakespeare's plays The Elizabethan Theater Shakespeare This theme is shown throughout the book whenever Peter and Kit get away from Sir Philip and his men. Because Kit and Peter are good they always find a way out. It also shows in the very end when they capture Sir Philip and stop his plot against the Queen. The good people will always have people who will help them triumph, and the evil has nobody but themselves and their followers. This theme is displayed through the novel when Tom Boyd and Sir Joseph help Peter and Kit to become great heroes. The acts of heroism of Tom Boyd inspired Peter and Kit to go for it and do the things you have to do despite the risk it puts your life into. Five Facts on Shakespeare
Married Anne Hathaway who was 8 years older than him and was already pregnant when they married
Shakespeare was not a very good actor but wrote wonderful plays, sonnets and poems
Shakespeare had no descendants with the name of Shakespeare
Shakespeare and his company created the Globe Theater
Shakespeare ended up in London, England after leaving his family to pursue a job acting Shakespeare's Plays Five Facts on Shakespeare's Plays
He wrote around 37 plays and 154 sonnets
they were sorted into different groups 17 Comedies, 10 Histories, 10 Tragedies
"Hamlet" is often called Shakespeare's best play and "Romeo and Juliet" his most famous
Shakespeare's sonnets were Iambic Pentameters and usually 14 lines each
Sonnet 18 is known as Shakespeare's most famous sonnet Elizabethan Theater Five Facts on the Elizabethan Theater
The Elizabethan Theater did not start until 1576, before then people performed in courtyards and inn yards
James Burbage built the first Theater in 1576 and named it "The Theater"
These Elizabethan theaters were also used for bear baiting, gambling, and other impure activities
Elizabethan Theaters attracted crowds up to 3000 people
In 1596 all theaters within the city had to move south of the Thames for people were complaining about all the wrongdoings and the easily spread diseases. The End
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