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Typhus Fever

No description

Mackenzie Palma

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Typhus Fever

Are vaccines being used?
Yes, vaccines are being used. The vaccine takes a while to work. You have to have two shots to get the full vaccine. The first shot, then the second shot four weeks later. You have to get a booster every six-twelve months.
What steps have the WHO already taken in order to solve the issue?
The World Health Organization hasn't taken any precautions to help with typhus fever.
Who is Typhus Fever affecting and why?
Typhus affects countries with poor hygiene, poverty, and high population. Africa (countries like Kenya and Gabon) has poor hygiene and it doesn't have many resources. India has a very high population. Countries surrounded by water tend to have more bugs that spread typhus.
We'd set up a program that would have volunteers clean the environment. The volunteers would be sent to the country/countries to help clean their environment.(Better Ways)
The WHO could help raise money for the vaccine. We'd set up fund raisers to raise the money to help pay for the vaccine. (Raise to Help)
We try to get the population cleaner so the transmitters won't infect them. We'd educate them on how to clean their environment and themselves. (Better Living Program)
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"Typhus Fever (Epidemic Louse-borne Typhus)." WHO. World Health Oragnization, 2016. Web. 23 Mar. 2016.
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Typhus Fever
Are they effective?
Yes, they are effective but they aren't really funded. In other countries, they might not have the funding or resources to get the vaccine.
What is Typhus Fever?
Typhus Fever is a bacterial disease that is transferred by mites, fleas, lice, ticks, and rats. Symptoms include; a rash that begins on the trunk(torso) and spreads, high fever, nausea, malaise(discomfort), diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding in the skin, delirium, hypo-tension(Low Blood Pressure), and death.
How is the country being helped currently?
Mexico and South America are being helped by having better sanitation. Although, it still spreads and is still killing millions.
By: Jialiyah Dukes & Mackenzie Palma
Our solution.
The countries that are affected have high poverty rates, high population, and low sanitation. Also, the countries tend to be surrounded by water (were carriers live).
Poverty Rates
Sanitation Rates
Population Rates
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