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in the money

No description

erika steinger

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of in the money

in the money
in the money
in the money: Final project
in the money: final project
in the money: final project
in the money: Final project
evaluating the data
Unit eq: how can teens earn money, manage it, and make it multiply?
Friday, March 21
lesson eq: How can evaluating data help us to prove or disprove our claim?
Do Now: Use the articles and information that you have collected throughout the "In the Money" unit to answer the unit's essential question: How can teens earn money, manage it, and make it multiply? Include examples from the reading to support your answer.
Introduce readers to your survey by letting them know what it is you are testing

Let readers know what you believe the results will show

Explain why this survey was necessary and important research
Include your survey title and questions
List the three goals that you created for yourself before writing your questions; these goals listed the information/answers you hoped to get by giving this survey
Use the survey answers you received from your classmates to create either a bar graph or a pie chart. Which do you think will work better for your purpose?

Title your graph or chart and include all necessary components

Be sure your graph or chart is both clear and accurate
Here, you will copy the paragraph that you wrote in class yesterday.

This section must include your claim, summary of your results, example/evidence of results, whether you proved or disproved your claim, and recommendations for further studies or next steps
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