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Interlocking Rhythms/Cyclic Patterns

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Brenda Teo

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Interlocking Rhythms/Cyclic Patterns

Interesting musical concepts
1. Interlocking Rhythms
-Occurs when
rhythmic parts
alternate with each other
form a complete rhythmic line
-Musicians need to listen and
with each other.
-Can be found in Indian, African, Malay music, etc.
2. Cyclic Patterns
-Occurs when
a rhythmic pattern
repeated continuously
-Unlike in most western music, where the listener is brought on a
music journey
from beginning to the end, most world music use cyclic patterns to allow listeners/musicians to better
concentrate on their own feelings.
-Can be found in Indian, African, Malay music, etc.
1. Split into
5 groups
Create 8-beat rhythm
with given instruments.
Make sure it's cyclic-pattern-friendly!!
Get ready
for your class' new creation!

Mini in-class performance!
What is World Music?
Refers to almost any
non-western traditional

-Eg. Traditional asian music, African music,
Italian music.
-commonly used in World Music
Listening Time!!!!:D
Interlocking Rhythms?
Cyclic Patterns?
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