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Oak Island

No description

Preston Grooms

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Oak Island

Oak Island
The Mystery of Oak Island

by Preston Grooms
Oak Island is an enigma because there is a theory of treasure on Oak Island. Also there has been a plank discovered that says below there is treasure buried. Also when trying to discover the treasure, the Money Pit flooded.
Oak Island theories are that the Money Pit that supposedly contains treasure. Theories are that the pit contains pirate treasure dug by Captain Kidd or Edward Teach. There is a theory that box drains are coming from Smith’s Cove to flood the pit when people try to discover the treasure. Another theory is that Spanish pirates discovered Oak Island made repairs and buried some of their treasure on Oak Island. Another theory is that the "money pit" is a decoy and the real treasure is buried in the pond.
Current Investigations
Oak Island is located in Canada off the east coast in the province of Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia
Current investigating on Oak Island is the show The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel. Two brothers Rick and Marty Lagina try to solve the mystery of Oak Island.
My Theory
My theory is that Spanish pirates buried treasure and they made booby traps with the flooding to protect the treasure.
My Question
My question is, are there more booby traps than just the flooding to protect the treasure or even keep people from accessing the island.
Watch a Video
The Money Pit
The Money Pit is an area discovered that contained oak planks every 10 ft and supposedly contains treasure. It was discovered in 1795.
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