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Company Profile

No description

Giorgio Giordani

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Company Profile

PRODUCTION HISTORY Spencer & Lewis is a public relations company which creates and improves visibility for companies, cooperations, institutions, associations and people.

Since 2009 it has provided public relation services, strategic consulting, integrated communication, web communication and events management.

The Company’s strength lies in a creative proactive approach and their strong orientation for positive results as well as the continuity in the relationship with clients and the media. WHO WE ARE MISSION "Tell me what you sell and I will make sure that people come to buy"

This was Mark Spencer’s mission in 1932 which he achieved using the most innovative advertising techniques. Even after 80 years it is this philosophy which guides Spencer & Lewis in the Communication Market.

Customer Satisfaction is Spencer & Lewis’ most important goal. To achieve this goal we need a close collaborative relationship to study the most suitable strategies and to supply maximum visibility. The company has a pool of professionals with head offices in Rome and Milan. A young Company with 80 years of history... PRESS OFFICE
MEDIA RELATIONS In 1932 when the recession clouded the world economy, Mark Spencer, a young social science graduate from Chicago University, challenged the Depression. His optimism pushed him to bet on the future.

Spencer offered his financial services door by door to all the businessmen who had survived the Depression. His philosophy was quite simple: “tell me what you sell and I will make sure that people come to buy”.

It was his encounter with Robert, German Lewis’ nephew that changed both their lives. Robert Lewis detested the idea of having to spend his life amid flour, yeast and vanilla.
So during 1937 Spencer & Lewis was founded in Montreal and from that moment on it was a success story for the two enterprising young men. Among their first clients, the OTN (Organisation du Tourisme de Niagara) and Anonyme Papeterie du Quebec, one of the most important producers of paper for newspapers.

Spencer & Lewis continued to grow until 1956 when Mark died. Robert Lewis continued the business until he was 72 and in 1968 he liquidated the Company. Nevertheless the Spencer & Lewis brand remained in the Lewis family; then it changed hands many times in the following years until finally it was bought by a group of young Italians. Building a good relationship with media (Press, TV, radio and internet) is important to build a positive image of the brand. The relationship with journalists is very delicate and requires adequate resources and highly specialized.

Spencer & Lewis offers a mix of different instruments to their customers:

Press Kit; Press Release; Management of media interview; Management of Press Conference; Case histories; Press review ; Media training.

All these instruments have declined from time to time as needed for corporate communication, financial communication, and for product communication. PRESS OFFICE STRATEGIES The objectives of a good communication strategy are to increase awareness and visibility of the client and building a positive attitude of opinion leaders, media leaders and, therefore, end-users.

The different targets and objectives of the communication require the adoption of a communication strategy based on two levels: the institutional and the sectoral, which gives only a complete and integrated range of techniques and tools of public relations.

S&L has developed a communication activity based on 5 possible areas of intervention:
Institutional press office activities (general media and national magazines);
Sectoral communication activities (national trend media and local);
Media Lobbying on media leader;
Monitoring h24 news agencies, trend news and crisis management;
Build event about some high-impact initiatives and media coverage of each events, conferences, fairs, etc... WHAT WE DO? EVENT MANAGEMENT Planning an event is how to design a marketing strategy. The audience, key in the selection of their own strategies, becomes the protagonist to be involved.

The event management become an opportunity:
to reach the public, to communicate with partners and institutions and to involve the team;
to involve, enhancing cultural and experiential level, in exchange for an effort in terms of cost, which must be seen as necessary;
to increase visibility, status and image. EVENT MANAGEMENT Spencer & Lewis is able to realize the following kind of events:

: art exhibitions, music, theater, film, dance, food and wine and entertainment festival;
: championships of all kinds and levels, sports meetings specific to each discipline;
: fairs, international expo’;
: incentive, corporate events, B2B, business conventions, conferences, round tables;
: advertising gala and product launches;
: panel, clinic, workshop;
: exhibition roadshow;
: flash mob, guerrilla marketing. OUR EVENTS CULTURAL SPORT COMMERCIAL CORPORATE PROMOTIONAL TRAINING ROADSHOW VIRAL DIGITAL PR The model of web communication provides that the message starts from the institutional level and reach the end users, who, motivated by self-interest, activate the process of "word of mouth" and influence the web.

Often the message does not generate a spontaneous "word of mouth" due to the kind of the message (too broad, too sector, too self, etc..). In this case, to activate the process of "word of mouth", than to edit the message, should trigger a bottom-up communication strategy, through which to encourage word of mouth from below, by manipulating the system "actor-message -user ".

Two kind of strategy about the web communication:
Direct Corporate Communication;
Viral Communication. DIGITAL PR The communication market needs more and more multimedia materials, to reinforce the message and entertain users, involving them in a spontaneous interaction.

To refine the communication strategy, over the years, the Agency has created an entire business unit to validate its strategic strength.

Spencer & Lewis makes videos of all types, from commercials for television and the web, to viral videos dedicated to the web. VIDEO PRODUCTION Rome office
Viale Angelico 3

Milan Office
Piazza Baiamonti 3 designed by Spencer & Lewis
ALL RIGHT RESERVED © italia@spencerandlewis.com British American Tobacco | Convention SKY - SMAU FAIR Renault Modus | Live Event SKY | Halloween Party CASE HISTORIES CASE HISTORIES CASE HISTORIES PORTFOLIO Renault Clio | Launch Event Facebook
22.000 fans in 6 months YOUTUBE
350.000 views in 3 months
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