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Net Nutrality

No description

MR. S.

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Net Nutrality

Isabel Fries
Net Neutrality
-Is about treating all content on the Internet equally
-It is also the Internets guiding principle
-It can also preserve our rights to communicate freely online. 

Google Translate (3)

-It picks the most statistically probable translation of the word that you give
-can currently translate 64 languages.

-The cost
-Data Rates
-The service you get
-Would not work

Google Translate (2)
-was introduced in 2006
-A free, fast generally accurate translation web, of a word, sentence, or paragraph that is in a different language  
-makes getting around easier, you can look up a word in a different language

Google Translate (1)
-services have increased tenfold in the
last three years
-enables the service to improve itself as it
combs the web adding to its database
of text
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