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No description

Cho Youngjin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of youngjin

CORNELIUS VANDERBILT Cornelius Vanderbilt was an American steamship builder, railroad builder and entrepreneur. And he made a ton of money and became rich. (1794~1877) New york and Staten Island Corenlius vanderbilt was born in a poor family and quit school at the age of 11. Then, he helped his father's boating work. When he became 16 years old, he persuaded his mother to give him some amounts of money in order to start his own business, which opened a transport and frieght system between New York city and staten island for a eighteen cents a trip. It was reasonable price for everyone, so he started get reputation and was considered honest man. The War of 1812 The War of 1812 was the opportunity of expanding his business and earning much more money because government gave contract to him in order to supply the forts around New York. As a result, he earned a ton of money and became "commodore" because he was in the command of the largest schooner in on the Hudson River. Decision on steamboat In 1818, he decided to begin steamboat business by observing people who did well on steamboat in Hudson River. So he worked as a employee under Thomas Gibbons. "Floating palace" Corenelious Vanderbilt tried to build and start his own steamboat business.He opened service to Long Island Sound, Providence, Boston, and points in Connecticut. His Vessels provided passengers not only comfort but also luxury. He gained credit for making a rapid advance in size, elegance and comfort. So he was able to build a great steamboat called "floating palace" Gold Rush He tried to figure out and use the advantages of gold rush. People who tried to go westward needed to take a train or steamboat. This is due to the fact that traveling to westward was quite harsh and difficult. As a result, he began to construct new eight steamships and made it cheap and quick. A railroad Empire When his age beame almost 70 years old, he contrived another way of making money. It was a railroad empire. It was possible because he already earned huge amounts of money from his shipping business. He also did a great job on this railroad business. He built a lot of railroad in many areas such as New York, Harlem, Hudson River and so on. The advantages of his achievements - created a lot of railroads and steamships
- instigated many people to move westward
- made it easy to transport goods in short time
- could travel long distance
- created many employments
- His actions influenced on national finance
- stabilized American economy The disadvantages of his achievements - Some companies had difficulties running their business because of rich companies's monopoly.
- Workers' had a hard time because their working condition was so bad and bleak.
- From this time, our environment began to be destructed by factories, industries and so on.
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