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Touching spirit Bear BY Thomas Reimer and David Skillstad

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Thomas Reimer

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Touching spirit Bear BY Thomas Reimer and David Skillstad

by Thomas Reimer and David Skillstad
Cole is a 15 year old criminal he is being sent to an Island off the coast of British Columbia, due to the actions he has done to a fellow class mate. He is sent to this island to find his spirit because it was lost. When Cole is sent to the island he gets a rude awaking when he burns down his home and supplies in anger and proceeds to leave the island. With a failed attempt of escape he has nothing left anything then but the clothing on his back and the smoldering remains of the cabin. When Cole meets spirit bear he is decides to attack it in rage then the bear retaliates and sends Cole into a physical hell of head bashing and bone breaking pain. When Cole is left for dead he is sent in to a storm that should have killed him. when lightning stroke a tree 10Ft away he remember that there was a baby sparrow then at that moment Cole remember that in order to live you have to die. After that incident he is sent to a hospital meets a new face called Rosey. Who nurses him to health or at least until the medevac comes. after the mauling Cole is sent to rehab for his injures. Then for a 2nd time Cole goes back to the island to do it for real. Cole has to learn about respect for every little thing. He soaks ( it is a swim/bathing ) to clear his mind from all of his anger. Then he proceeds to carry a rock that up the hill to take his mind off of his anger as well. For several months Cole spends on the island he doses several dances suck as the Wolf dance, whale dance and the mouse dance. Cole then invites peter to come to the island because in order to heal you have to help the one you have harmed.when peter comes to the island he acopanied by his parents. While Cole is trying to prove himself to Peters parents Peter hates every moment of it.Cole spends days in a leaky tent
Edwin is a Tilinget Indian from Drake,Alaska. he also is called "the pot belly elder"
Edwin plays a big role in touching spirit bear by telling Cole a wide verity of sayings that can be interpenetrate by anyone in there own way. Such as the circle of life. Edwin is a close friend of Garvey. Edwin was brought out to help Cole with his banishment by telling Cole that the island provides and it can kill you.
Mr. Mathews is also known as "dad". Mr Mathews is a Cole's father in this book. at the beginning of the book Cole's father seems very generous for spending money on a defense lawyer and keeping Cole out of jail. when the story develops Mr. Mathews has a drinking problem and takes his anger out towards cole by beating him with a belt. Mr Mathews was going threw a divorce and had no other way to vent butt rather drink and abuse cole.This is the heart of Coles anger.
Mrs. Mathew
Touching Spirit Bear Poster
News paper article

March 8 1998
A Young Offender Gone Good?
Thomas Reimer
March 8, 1998
Cole Mathews was charged with assault, breaking and entering and stolen goods. The Break in was a week ago to this day, the stolen items were an assortment of candy bars, pick axe and a spade shovel. After a fellow class mates ratted Cole Mathews to the principal, he proceed to assault the teen with brutal force sending the teen to the hospital. Cole Mathews is being charged with assault, breaking and entering and stealing. Cole Mathews is being sent to jail but he was offered circle justice. Circle Justice is when they heal the person rather than sending the offender to jail, this prose is meant to help the offender. With such a brutal crime I don’t think the public would like to see him get off so easy.

Cole Mathews is 15 in this photo.
More stories:
Fun sized for diabetes …………page 03
Death by chocolate literal.…………page 04
More deaths then births …………page 05
In other news …
Justice system is to lenient.………………page 06
Circle justice a joke……………….page 08
Garvey works in the juvenile justice system, and he has focused his efforts on helping Cole out of his difficult situation. He had his own run-ins with the law back in his youth, and he is determined to help other youth stop ruining their lives. He is the first one to propose that Cole go through Circle Justice, and he even comes in to the juvenile detention center on weekends to talk to Cole and help him through difficult times, even though Cole initially shows him no respect or appreciation. Garvey also propose the idea of Cole going to the island instead of going to jail and rotting. Garvey also hands Cole a at.oow(a heavy wool blanket).
Mrs. Mathew was married to Mr. Mathews. Mrs. Mathew always over dressed for every thing even if they went to a BBQ. Mrs. Mathew has a drinking problem along the lines of Mr. Mathews but she doesn't become a abusive or angry, she becomes numb and acts like nothing has ever happened. Cole has a distant relationship with his mother, Cole feels like he can not truly open up to his mother about how he feels. after Cole was attacked by spirit bear Mrs. Mathew got divorced from Mr. Mathews and pressed charges on child Abuse against Mr. Mathews and stopped drinking.
Peter Driscal
Peter is a young 15 who was beaten up by Cole. Since Cole went as far as smashing his head repeatedly against the sidewalk, After Peters face smashing indecent had left him with a speech problem and vivid nightmares. He is shy, quiet, and terrified of Cole after that moment. Peter is forced to go to the Circle meetings to express his feelings about Cole and his actions not by choice but his parents.
Mr and Mrs Driscal.
Peter's parents are present at the circles and are portrayed as distraught about their son's condition following the beating. They fear that Cole will be released again and come to attack their son, and so they are opposed to any type of Circle Justice that would make Cole a threat to others. In the last few chapters of the book, they take on a bigger role and are portrayed as truly desperate in their search to find healing for their son Peter. After there son Peter is sent to the island with cole to they are still weary because of what cole has done to there son in the past, but this is there last resort.
Spirit Bear
Spirit Bear is an animal, Spirit Bear is one of the main characters in this book. when ever spirit bear is talked about quite a bit in the book its Cole really wants to see spirit bear again just to carve his totem. cole sees the bear on the island for the first few days on his first visit. Cole attempts to attack the spirit with a spear and in return spirit bear throws Cole around like a rag-doll. the spirit also represents symbol of good because of its white fur. the spirit bear only shows when Cole has a clear mind. spirit bear represents Cole by showing pride and anger.
Rosey is the nurse that treats Cole after he is mauled by the Spirit Bear. She treats him with the utmost compassion and understanding. She is also resourceful since she works by herself in the tiny town of Drake, Alaska where the Tlingit Indians live.
Glossary of Terms
Anger Dance-
The anger dance was preformed by Cole. Cole danced the whole night way revealing his stress, anger and forgiveness.
is a heavy wool blanket
Beaver Dance-
when Cole danced The Beaver Dance he showed how to stay persistent
demonstrating him carrying a log and patting it on his home (a Dam).
Circle justice-
Devils Club-
Devil's club is a large shrub primarily native to the cool moist forests of western North America.

it is a prickly plant that have small barbs that stick into your skin.
is a small community off the coast of Alaska
Eagle Dance-
Freezing Pond-
the freezing pond is a pond of healing for Cole it helps his aching arm from swelling up and becoming stiff
is when Cole becomes undetectable for spirit bear.
the keeper is a person from the justice system to talk to the community about What Cole has done in the past and see if he can handle the responsibility
is a transport vehicle used for transporting personal that have been injured in a accident.
is the location were Cole lives with his mother and father.
is a small metal boat that was used for transporting Cole and his supplies
Spirit bear-
is a mystical figure that is used to represent good and Cole anger.

is a First Nations tribe

on the northern coat of British Columbia and Alaska.
totem pole

is used to tell a story about what you have seen or have done.
whale dance
In this dance, Cole breaches like a whale, and he learns that he is like the whales because he too does not have a fixed home and is searching for truth.
wolf dance- C
ole learns from this dance that he must learn from others and seek there help like a wolf in his own pack.
Quotes and analysis
"The mauling didn't make sense. in the past, everything had always been afraid of him.why wasn't the bear scared?"
the main reasons why the mauling had taken place due to the fact Cole is ignorant that spirit bear is an wild animal and is high up in the food chain that Cole at this point. in Coles past he had always gotten respect from fear rather then kindness. When the bear sensed that Cole intended to hurt him rather then pet him. The bear retaliated with a fury of blows.
""a strange thought occurred to cole: the world was beautiful.Yes the world was beautiful....he wounded why he had never noticed this all before.how much beauty he had missed in his lifetime? How much beauty had he destroyed
The reason why the world is beautiful coming from Cole is from the thunder storm when lightning had struck a sparrows nest in a tree. (when Cole first spotted the sparrows he saw a mother caring for them and Cole become angry over how they couldn't do anything without help). when Cole saw the baby sparrows fall to there death when they tried desperately to fly away. Cole then thought about how the world is in a circle you have to die in order to let others live. when spirit bear had appeared for the second time Cole ended up touching spirit bear and realized how beautiful the world is. Cole has destroyed people's lives but he soon realized that he new what he did was wrong.
"yes,[the hot dog celebration] was a big deal. it was a party. it was a feast. it was sharing and a celebration. all because that is what i make it. Yours was simply food because that's all you chose for it ti be. All of life is a hotdog. make of it what you will. I suggest you make your time here on the island a celebration.
When Edwin and Garvey ask Cole for a feast, Cole just cooks up a hotdog, with no care because Cole just thinks up about the hotdog as food. When Edwin makes the hotdog he cooks the hotdog with glowing embers and dresses the hotdog, While Cole’s was a Charred hotdog but Edwin's was a made with care. "all of life is a hotdog" he means by you have to take care of the little things as well as yourself, when Cole just made a hotdog for a hotdog he didn't care for it he just simply just ate it for food and that's it. When Edwin made his he made it with care and respected the hotdog for it bringing life to another and having a feast with all of his friends. when Cole comes to the island he has a chance to find his spirit. that's why it is a celebration.
"[Cole] couldn't stop wondering why he had been born and thinking about all the twisted events that had brought him to this moment. it seemed a bizarre dream to be standing alone on the rocky hillside in Alaska with a round stone at his feet, his mind filled with thoughts so totally different from anything he had known running around on the streets of Minneapolis.he felt like a new person.
Circle Justice is a Native American form of justice that seeks healing in contrary to the regular punishment. With the cooperation of traditional criminal courts, criminals who plead guilty to certain types of crimes are allowed by the court to sign an agreement accepting responsibility for their wrongdoing. They commit themselves to working through a spiritually based process to change their behavior and make restitution to the victims and their community.
when cole was on the island he was cutting wood, keeping fire going and trying to complete homework. Cole was scared to go back to the city due to the fact his life has changed so much in while he was on the island. When Cole lived on the island he HAD to do task's to stay alive, but when Cole hits the city he will have to pond or ancestor rock. When cole moves back he will have a new look on life and have his carrying mother in his life.
The power of Nature
The power of nature is a scary topic because Nature can kill you or save you. You have no power over nature. You could be in a survival situation and it is nice for 3 days then a thunder storm comes along wipes your whole camp out leaving you drenched and shelters less. You couldn't prepare for that because nature is unpredictable. Nature can also spring life. Take a flower for example, at the beginning of its life it is a seed (starts at the bottom). Then after it sprouts it has a change to bloom but what of an omnivore comes along and wants to eat it. That is a part of the circle.
Sun-> grass-> Bunny-> snake->hawk-> poop->soil. That is a circle of nature. But if something is disturber the rest of the food chain affected.
Circle of life
Anger and Revenge
The Role of Culture
"A whale migrates but it doesn't have a home....I feel like a Whale"
What Cole means by this that he has parents that don't love him which makes him feel like he is alone in the world. the reason Cole's parents are not around a hole lot is because one is a heavy drinker and the other just nulls the pain with alcohol. Cole also drifts around he has little to no contact with his parents unless he is in a court hearing.
Cole:"[peter] never going to forgive me"
Garvey:"think how much your arm and hip still hurt . wounds to the spirit heal slower."
When Cole was attacked by spirit bear he experienced a physical pain. while peter was sitting in the hospital half brain dead. Peter had to re-learn ow to read, write and even talk. while Cole was in the hospital he had to see a specialist to work out his arm.
"being invisible had nothing to do with being seen, being invisible not being sensed or felt.
what Cole means by being invisible is that you must clear your mind and think of nothing to not be seen. when spirit bear shows up is when Cole is not thinking about anything he was sleeping at the time then he awoke. after Cole was badly attacked by spirit bear, but Cole was about to die and he accepted that he was dead. then spirit bear showed up because Cole had a clear mind.
"The dances, carving the totem,carrying the ancestor rock,touching spirit bear, it was all the same thing- it was finding out who I really was."
when Cole did the dances he showed how he felt about the animal and how it lives. With the wolf dance Cole learned that there is power in numbers and one another support each other. carving the totem pole that Cole made told a story about all the dances he has done. The ancestor rock represents his family and walking up the hill represents the struggle of his life and when he kicks the rock down he feels the wait of all the burdens his family off of his shoulders. Spirit bear showed kindness and power.
Chapter Summaries
Anger and revenge in the beginning of the book Cole is filled with anger and has no way to release it. Cole brutally beats up a kid named Peter Driscal for ratting him out about the break in's at the hard ware store. Cole end's up beating Peter to almost death by smashing his face on the sidewalk, that was about Cole's revenge. There was another incident were Cole challenged spirit bear, Cole was angry at the spirit bear because he didn't like how he looked at him the wrong way and cole wanted revenge on Spirit bear for looking at him then proceeded to attack the wild animal out of anger. then Cole burned down the shelter Garvey had made for him, Cole just burned down with out any thought and that was all out of anger.
when Edwin talks to Cole about healing you must forgive and accept there forgiveness for what they have done. Cole must forgive his father for the beatings and the abuse he has done to Cole, he must forgive him for what he has done. peter must forgive Cole for what he has done to him, But Peter must forgive Cole so he can heal as well. Healing is described as a spiritual and physical journey for Cole, he encounters spirit bear newerus of times. Cole realizes that cole must become invisible witch is clearing coles of all angry thoughts which is helping Cole heal. Physical aspect is when Cole was thrashed by spirit bear. leaving him with a bum arm and in pain. Then we have peter, who had his head smashed into the sidewalk and had to re-learn to talk and do basic things.
Standing beside the totems,he explained to peter that being invisible was being invisible was being apart of life's circle and accepting it. this morning when we forgave each other, we also forgave our self.. We allowed ourselves to become a part of the bigger circle. that's why we saw spirit bear.
What Cole means by this statement is being invisible means that you have become one with nature and not harming it. When Cole and peter forgave each other they also forgave themselves for what they had done. They let nature take its course and then they became the whole circle there for coming invisible.
Cole is from Minneapolis were there is a Starbucks on every corner. Then it changes when He is sent to the island were there was no Starbucks on every corner but the closest one would be in the surrounding towns might have one, That is a good 3Miles out. When Cole is on the island he has to change his way of living from having electronics to having a fire to tend too. Cole soon realized that it is more work to live on the island then living in a big city.
Cole is scared to move back because he will not be able to soak and carry the ancestor rock up the hill when he returns from the island and into Minneapolis.
Cole is giving forgiveness and forgiving others for there actions and his. one of the Biggest scene in the book is when peter and Cole fight at the end of the book. When peter is beating the snot out of Cole, he just lies there and takes it and after that indecent they both forgave themselves. The anger dance was another big role in the book when Cole was dancing the anger dance he felt as the whole world had stopped and begged forgiveness from everyone and everything he had done in his past.
The circle of is about how you treat yourself and nature. "what you do to the animals you do to yourself"-Edwin
this is talking about the food chain if Cole kills a predator then it would affect the population of the pray, then the pray would over populate. This could affect Cole in this situation with no food to hunt. you must become one with the circle and not have a ego, If you think you are better then the animals you will die but if you treat animals as a equal and let them be you will live longer.
Cole is a 15 year-old who is two faced and means one thing, then dose another.
After robbing a hardware store, one of Cole's classmates, Peter Driscal, tells on Cole and results in a brutal beating on peter. Cole is then offered a second chance by being able to do a native American justice system.
Cole then is sent to a island off the coast of Alaska and is forced to live out there for 1 full year. but that soon changes when he gets a plan to swim off the island and burns down his shelter.
Cole is brutally attacked by spirit bear. Cole challenged spirit bear while Cole was angry about how the bear looked at him and Cole decided to attack him. after that moment Cole was thrown and half eaten by the spirit bear. Cole had no chance to move while he is propped up by a tree. Cole also experiences a horrific thunder storm that changes his life, realizing that he cannot control nature changes him.

Chapter 1
Cole Mathews is a real criminal he has been stealing and he also beats up peter Driscal he doesn’t go to trial but he has to go to circle justice. He is forced onto an island to change his ways.
Chapter 2
Cole is brought to his new home on the island for one year. He absolutely hates it. He wanted to destroy everything he was supplied with.
Chapter 3
Cole remembers when Garvey asked him questions about why he hates his life. His reasoning was that his parents were usually drunk and everything he did was bad
Chapter 4
While Cole is swimming he gets a flash back from the acceptance for the circle justice. There were all kinds of meetings where people had the possibility to tell their side of the story.
Chapter 5
Cole fails to swim to the next island. His body was in pain from the cold. But then he sees the spirit bear for a quick second.
Chapter 6
Cole constantly thinks of the circle justice he told them that he was beaten by his dad and his parents are alcoholics. Cole rages again.
Chapter 7
Cole sees the spirit bear for the second time. He thought about killing it but it was gone.
Chapter 8
Cole attempts to kill spirit bear, Cole is badly injured from spirit bears attack. Cole feels alone
Chapter 9
Cole saw birds die. This made Cole think.
Chapter 10
Cole figures out the circle of life after seeing the birds die he gives up but starts to get hope again
Chapter 11
Cole realizes he needs to find food to survive. He ate a mouse he felt better but then he saw spirit bear came again. It didn’t attack Cole but it just stood there and watched him
Chapter 12
Cole did not care if he lived or died he did not give up he wakes up and realizes that Edwin and Garvey took him to the hospital.
Chapter 13
While rosey took care of Cole he decided that he wanted to change he will be fair from now on it will all be different.
Chapter 14
After six months in the hospital Cole can leave although he is still not able to do a lot of things and he is still in pain his mom stopped drinking and supports him
Chapter 15
Nobody trusts Cole and they all want him in prison but Edwin and Garvey allowed him to go back to the island.
Chapter 16
When Garvey and Edwin are back on the island again Cole learns a great lesson but that doesn’t make any money Cole can’t waste his chance because there is no money for him anymore.
Chapter 17
Cole still has his anger so Edwin decides to help he teaches Cole that his memories will never leave but you can decide if you focus on the good or bad things.
Chapter 18
Cole started building his shelter he also learns the whale dance. Now he not only focuses on being alive but also on having fun and enjoying the good moments.
Chapter 19
Garvey threatened to take Cole home because of his bad attitude. But then he starts to calm again and let go of his anger. They let him stay.
Chapter 20
Cole learned he had to stop blaming other people for his problems. When his shelter was finished Edwin and Garvey left and he was alone again
Chapter 21
Cole made furniture for his shelter and let go of his anger he also made a totem pole
Chapter 22
Cole has done a lot of good things on the island. Although he was still frustrated he searched for the spirit but never found it he thinks the spirit bear could help him
Chapter 23
Cole knew what he had to do. He had to clear his mind to see the spirit bear he had to be ready forgive and dance the anger dance.
Chapter 24
Its winter and Cole stopped doing as much. He thought about forgiving and wanted to help peter
Chapter 25
Cole talks Edwin into bringing peter and his family to the island Cole shows them the island and tells them what he’s been through but peter won’t listen to him.
Chapter 26
Peter is still on the island along with Cole and Garvey however Peter’s parents are gone peter is still mad but makes progress. He even let Cole sleep in the shelter with him and Garvey
Chapter 27
Peter is starting to believe Cole. Cole teaches him how to carve the spirit bear. Cole really wants peter to believe him.
Chapter 28
Cole and peter go fishing without Garvey and peter beats up Cole. They both see spirit bear, peter believes that it was a sign to forgive Cole. They both forgive each other and learned a lesson about life. Life is a circle.

Cole attempts to swim off the island but fails the first time due to the tides are coming in and showed no progress, after that Cole studied the tides and how they work. so cole set out the next morning.
Plot Diagram
after the Cole trys escaping for the second time but if fails cole is now wet cole and about to get hypothermia
Cole is in the hospital he is going to physical therapy and going to circle justice meetings and they are trying to send him to the justice system they do not believe that Cole has changed but Edwin demonstrate that bye slowly pushing Cole they will not change him but one traumatic experience can really change somebody
Cole stays at the island for almost a year and winter is almost over and peter is trying to commit suicide and Cole needs to find a way to help him, Cole cannot figure out how to help him but he thinks that bringing peter to the island that Cole can help him so Cole talks Edwin into bringing peter to the island along with garvey and his parents after Cole tells them all about his experiences they all leave except for garvey and peter Cole needs to sleep outside in a tent until peter is comfortable with him in the cabin
Peter is starting to trust Cole, Peter lets Cole sleep in the cabin, peter and Cole go fishing without Garvey and peter beats up Cole, Cole does no fight back, he lets peter beat him up. After peter bats him up they see spirit bear, Cole and peter go back to camp and are friends now.
Pre Reading activity
1) Well on the cover I see a white bear and a kid with a knife. It looks like hatchet just because of the cover.
2) Filled out on my paper.
3 they pass through Minot ND, Regina SK, Saskatoon SK, Edmonton AB, Jasper AB, and Prince George BC Then Prince Rupert BC
4) Nicolas Fammel the immortal. Movie the Hunger Games.
5 what to eat is one of my main conflict due to it being survival.
6 Smart Note Book
7 when a young person is convicted of a crime they are sent to another court.
The options the young person has when they go to court community serves, therapy or jail time.
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