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VISTA 2015: Mayor's Health and Wellness Council

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Jikky Thankachan

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of VISTA 2015: Mayor's Health and Wellness Council

2015 - 2016
Catie Lorenzini
Jikky Thankachan
Jessica Perales
Americorps VISTAs
Brown University

Alicia Austin
Roshelle Garcia
Mayor's Health Academy
Edwards, CA
Second Year
Fun Fact About Me

Successfully trained 13 teachers at three elementary schools
Joshua, Sierra, and Sunnydale
Currently coordinating monthly BIG "burst" at schools
BMI testing at this months BIG "burst"
Collecting feedback from teachers
Next Steps:
ABC for Fitness
Food and Fun After School Activity
Finalizing activity logistics
Estimated beginning time is mid-October
Solidifying curriculum
Monthly community events aimed at engaging families as a whole
Finding Health Academy Aides to assist in ABC for Fitness
Addition of community screenings
Community gardens that will supplement Food and Fun After School
Updating website and making interface more user friendly
Richmond, VA
To Volunteer is Our Greatest Privilege
To effectively communicate the purpose and mission of OneLINC to the community- at- large, and specifically, to potential volunteers and donors, by making effective use of a variety of approaches.
Costa Rica
Norfolk, VA
Community Outreach
Highland High School
Charter College
West Coast Baptist College
Gain & Grow
Hero Club
Antelope Valley College
Social Media Outreach
School Outreach
More than 150 new students registered & surveyed
AV Hero Club partnership and Project LEAD
Student Volunteer Recognition Program
Develop and Strengthen OneLINC board
Social Media Engagement
Developed a Social Media Plan
Developed a Content Calendar
Optimized Content for Search
Utilized Hashtags Strategically
Incorporated Images
Social Media Analytics
OneLINC Website
Website Audit
Visual Design
Call to action
Mobile site

Measurement Software
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