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Why is Germany in Stage 5?

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patrick lee

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Why is Germany in Stage 5?

A Stage 5 Country

Why is Germany in Stage 5?
Why is Germany in Stage 5?
1. Better health care and medicine
2. Life expectancy higher
3. Higher standards of life
4. Access to reliable food and water supply
5. Safer communities due to improved security systems, police, etc.
The Future
-If Germany increases it's fertility rate to 1.6 and annual net migration 200,000: Total pop. 74.5 million, 31% above 65

- If Germany decrease it's fertility rate to 1.4 and annual migration of 100,000: Total pop. 64.7 million, 34% above 65

Source: Population Bulletin world-at-7-billion pdf
What is Stage 5?
Stage 5 on the Demographic Transition Model is when:
- The death rate is higher than the birth rate
- The fertility rate is very low
- This country would be a MEDC

Germany Today:
- Very low birth rate
- Fertility rate below 1.5 children since 1975
- increase in population over the age of 65 due to long life expectancy and medical knowledge.
- annual net migration of 549,998 people.

Future Population(2060)
1. The percentage of dependent population gets bigger with higher life expectancy
2.Population of the country would decline
3. Lack of social and cultural integration with immigrants

- Adults have jobs and pursue their own career.
- In MEDCs, children are consumers.
- Respect for gender equality and status of women
- Easy access to contraceptives.

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4. http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SM.POP.NETM
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6. World-at-7-billion.pdf from www. pdf.org
7. 2015-world-population-data-sheet_eng.pdf from the population reference bureau

Challenges for Germany
- Very low birth rate
- People too busy or doesn't want to have children
- Needs to encourage having children

Example: Russia gave away cars to parents who gave birth to a child 9 months after a certain date. This didn't work too well, but encouraged people to get children
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