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S2 The Geosphere 01: Structure of Earth

No description

Oscar Ernand

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of S2 The Geosphere 01: Structure of Earth

The Biosphere is the layer of the Earth where all living things exist. Basically it is where mammals , plants and humans exist.
Hydrosphere is the part of the earth that is full of water. This is referred to as the Ocean or Body of Water.
Geosphere is the rocky places on earth, these can be Mountains and or gigantic rocks, or simply rocks,stone etc.
The Crust has 2 crust layers, meaning general for both the Oceanic and continental crust.
S2 The Geosphere 01: Structure of Earth

By : Oscar Ernand

The mantle describes the division of the earths crust, lithosphere and asthenosphere. This is located 3 layers down.
The Core is the center of Earth, the heart of the planet.
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