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Loki's Wolves

No description

Amy Zhao

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Loki's Wolves

Loki's Wolves
By: K.L.Armstrong &

The main character of Loki's wolves is Matt, Laurie and Fen. The threes are the descendent of Loki and Thor. Matt, the descendent of Thor had inherited Thor's hammer, which allows you to throw invisible punches when a hammer pendant is around Matt's neck. Fen has the ability to turn into a werewolf at will and Laurie is able to open up portals to wherever she desires. Baldwin, the descendent of Baldr has the gift of power, which nothing could hurt m except for the mistletoe. Ray and Reyna has inherited a witch's power, anything could happen with a few spells. I really like how the author described each character's personality similar to their descendent. Matt is like the god of thunder, proud and is born a leader. Matt and Laurie has the trickery skills and is sly and unpredictable. Ray and Reyna is mean and isolated and Baldr is exactly like the god, Baldwin. Full of laughter, compassion and gives people a sense of trust .
Astride, the girl who is the girlfriend of the descendent Odin apparently appears to a witch is unreliable and is certainly hiding a secret when she killed Baldwin and ran away with the shield.
My favorite character is Matt, the character described him as a leader and nothing seems to faze him. I really like how the author describes each characters. They have such a unique personality and I think the authors really focused on the characters which pushes the plot. The characters does not interfere with anything since Loki's wolves is mainly about Matt, Laurie and Fen on the search for descendent of the Norse gods. The authors also described emotion range fairly well, but I think with seven main characters, it's done well enough due to the fact the author can not described everyone's emotion as detailed.
There never had been a main setting, As the Ragnarok is coming,
monsters awakes and natural disasters is happening everywhere. As they could not stay in a place for too long or else earthquake will erupt and monsters will hunt them down. The setting are described, but not with detail. I really like how the setting is without much detail or else it will interfere with the plot and characters.I really admire how the author is able to describe with so little detail yet, we can understand the purpose and visual of the setting. I think the setting mostly change between the town of Blackwell and Baldwin's house. Both were described with little detail, but not completely bland. I also like how the author uses national tourism sites to help us to track their location, like we know they are in South Dakota when Matt, Laurie and Fen appeared in Mount Rushmore. I also love how the author is able to add humor in the setting. For example, when they trolls starts to appear on mount Rushmore, the author described it as Theodore Roosevelt's mustache starts to wiggle and George Washington's nose fell off. I really like the setting in general and the setting is very entertaining.
I really like how the point of view switches between the three characters,Matt, Laurie and Fen. it's refreshing to see what the others think instead of only getting one point of view. I think the author switches the point of view very well. The story switches between the characters making events more defined. The point of view made the book less confusing and more entertaining. I think the authors written the characters view very well. It fits with their characteristics and the story. To improve the voice, I think occasionally switching to Baldwin or Ray and Reyna's point of view may be even more interesting to the story.
Loki's wolves one of the books featured in the
Red maple awards. It lead you to a incredible journey where Matt and the other god descendants has to stop Ragnarok(end of the world) by themselves. Along the way they need to solve many problems and conquer many difficulties.

Matt Thorsen is a descendent of the god Thor. At the age 13, Matt Thorsen had been chosen as the champion of Black well, where the descendent of Loki and Thor lived. The champion is chosen when Matt had a dream about the Ragnarok and a meeting was called soon after and declared Matt as the champion who will represent Thor in the Ragnarok. As he hustled out of the town hall, he overheard his grandpa talking about a prophecy about his death. Th prophecy states Matt will die in the Ragnarok.
Scared and confused, Matt set out with Fen and Laurie, descendent of Loki to found other champions to stop this Ragnarok together.
As they travel through Dakota, various monsters are awakening due to the beginning of Ragnarok. Disasters arise everywhere with trolls, dwarfs, serpents etc.
First they met the champion and descendent of Frayr and Freya, Ray and Reyna. who had a hard time fitting into the group as they rescued the twins from the trolls. Laurie suddenly discovers her power of creating a portal as they hurtle through the portal to avoid getting eaten by trolls. As they tumble down to the ground they met Baldwin, the descendent and champion of Balder. As the group rest in Baldwin's house, Astride, a witch who is dating the descendent of Odin is sent to help them retrieve the Thor's hammer and a shield. As the group get ready for their adventure, Fen remembered that he took the shield from the longboat and payed the shield to skull as a fee. The group soon realizes, Skull is a descendent of Loki and will be leading the evil monsters against them. After they retrieved the shield with difficulty, The group ordered pizza. As Fen and Baldwin grab the pepper bottle to sprinkle on Pizza, Baldwin died because of the mistletoe dust in his peppers. The shield also went missing. As Matt chases Astride down , he learned Astride stole shield and killed Baldwin. As the group mourn, Matt remember the story where Loki did not mourn for Balder, therefore balder can not escape death. Seeing Fen is already Mourning, the group set out to Hel, the land of the dead to salivate Baldwin.
I really like this plot, it's refreshing to see the Norse Legend for a change, though this story closely represent to the Percy Jackson series, It is completely different in the book style.
I think the theme of the book is Norse legend and Friendship. It is so nice to see a adventurous story with no aspect o romance in the theme, instead it focuses friendship and I think it teaches you to many much needed lessons on friendship today. The story with no aspect of romance pushes the plot towards action instead of spending pages on how romance blossomed between two characters.
the story also has a very strong Norse accent in writing. Most author is use to write about the Greek and Roman stories and Greek and Roman legend is most wide known. Loki's wolves also expended my knowledge on the Irish/Norse legend. I think the author picked the theme very well.
My rating for Loki's wolves is 7 out of 10
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