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Library Media Specialist

This Prezi will describe the duties performed by a Library Media Specialist

Janet Licht

on 24 June 2011

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Transcript of Library Media Specialist

Encourage Reading Manage the Library Collection Teach Information Literacy Skills Evaluate and select new materials which will enrich and supplement the curriculum and individual needs of the student Evaluate the collection for obsolete or outdated materials (weed as needed) Download Marc Records and catalog new books using automation system Keep current with educational trends Attend BOCES Library Liason Meetings Join professional groups such as School Library Association of WNY Prepare and administer the library budget on the basis of curriculum and replacement needs Review on-line databases to integrate into the curriculum Review and update library website Assist faculty and students in computer lab Encourage Reading Maintain a schedule which is flexible (MS & HS) fixed (Elem) Provide students with assistance during study halls Actively plan with teachers to integrate library resources or multimedia materials within the instructional program Teach information skills, study skills and thinking skills Evaluate websites for validity Document sources and teach Easybib Teach online databases - SIRS for magazine and newspaper
articles Assist with Multimedia such as Photostory and Prezi Provide 7th Grade orientation Provide pathfinders for research projects - Useful books & websites for students Provide class carts - selection of books for projects done in class Involve teachers and students in selection of new materials Use displays for new books and monthy themes Read reviews in professional journals for purchasing new books Assist the students in the selection process to find books that interest them Databases Computers Atlases Dictionaries Encyclopedias "Know where to find the
information and how to use it
that's the secret of success."
Albert Einstein Circulate books and late notices to students and faculty Promote ideas for book reports Glogster for Educators Use inter-library loan to locate students and teachers requests Use technology to promote books Slide.com Magazines Participate in Professional Seminars "I like to do my research in the library because I can use the books and computers and get the resources I need in one place." "I like to work together with my friends in the library so we can help each other and the librarian is there if we need extra help." Keep accurate records of expeditures, circulation and transactions. Promote ideas for book reports Wordle.com Promote ideas for book reports
Wordle.com U U Use technology to promote books "School libraries help teachers teach and children learn. Children and teachers need library resources-especially books and the expertise of a librarian to succeed. Books, information technology, and school librarians who are part of the school's professional team are basic ingredients for student achievement." Laura Bush Assist sudents with book report choices Inventory Delete discarded or lost materials from circulation Shelve books Library Media Specialist Inventory all library materials Read to classes & invite
guest readers Promote the enjoyment of reading
books at school & at home Shelve books Use technology to promote books WORDLE Teachingbooks.net
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