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Wayne Thiebaud; 3d shapes & tint/shade

No description

Ms. C

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Wayne Thiebaud; 3d shapes & tint/shade

Wayne Thiebaud;
3d shapes & Value
-Began his career as a cartoonist
-uses heavy
and exaggerated colors, and the well-defined shadows characteristic of advertisements are almost always included in his work.
this means the color is really rich and bold
Today you will be creating your own Thiebaud-inspired dessert!
Your painting should be unique & creative but must meet these requirements:
1) Draw a pie/cake (using the handout as a guideline) that looks 3-dimensional and has a slice missing. This will allow you to show us the INSIDE too!
(*First you will practice and plan your design on scrap paper).

2) Paint your pie/cake using TINT & SHADES. In the example above, Thiebaud used tints and shades of yellow. First practice your tints and shades on the provided worksheet.

3) Think about where the light is coming from and paint the shadow that your cake casts onto the table.
Be creative! What do you want on top of your cake? What do you want inside of it? Is it on a plate or stand? On top of another cake?
-Born: November 15, 1920 (age 97), Mesa, AZ
What do you notice about his brushstrokes?
what are tints and shades?
What is value in Art?
The lightness or darkness of a color.
The mixture of a color with white, which increases lightness
The mixture of a color with black, which reduces lightness.
are tints & shades of ONE color.
3-D shapes:
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