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Aisha Morgan

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of Belonging

Important Quotes
Jasper Jones.

~Set in the small Southern town of Maycomb in the 1930's.
~Protagonist is a nine year old girl called "Scout".
~Based on Harper Lee's childhood but is altered.
~The town is racist and will always take a white mans word.
~Atticus Finch is defending a Negro against a rape case.
~The Finch family is more accepting than the families in the community.
~The novel was published in 1960 by Harper Lee.
Supplementary Text:
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Main Text:
Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey
The Question

Important Quotes
To Kill a Mockingbird.
Use the 'STEEL' technique to structure your paragraphs.
S - Statement (This will be the topic sentence for your 1st argument) Make sure you state which author and text you are using in this particular STEEL paragraph.

Conclusions should not contain any new information! They are solely to sum up the entire essay and link back to the question.
In conclusion, it is displayed through Craig Silvey's 'Jasper Jones' and Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' that the attiudes and choices of oneself and others can limit or enrich their chances of belonging.
Thesis - Your statement or theory to support your question.
An individual’s sense of belonging is determined not only by their own choices but also by the attitudes of others.

What is belonging?
Belonging can be a sense of security and comfort in a place or with a certain person or persons. Belonging means that you can be yourself, however, people become not themselves when the try to change to belong.
It can also be the feeling satisfaction and happiness at ease.
What is not belonging?
Jasper Jones:
- Young, arrogant, a born leader and controlling person. Jasper is a victim of Corrigan's close mind and racist ways.
- Jasper is alienated, an outcast and is blamed for everything that goes wrong.
- Jasper only felt like he belonged to one place and one girl, Laura.

Charlie Buckin:
- Smart, a loner, intelligent and creative.
- Charlie is often view differently by the anti-intellect town of Corrigan, as Charlie has a broad and impressive vocabulary.
- Charlie feels like a loner and feels like he doesnt belong.

Other Important Characters:
-Eliza Wishart: Smart, independent, secretive.
- Jeffery Lu: Foreign Family, courageous, independent.
- Mr Wishart: Bad morals, liar, aggressive and is Major.
- 'Mad' Jack Lionel: Soft, kindhearted, scary on the outside.
- Mrs Bucktin: Secretive, 'Old Money', sneaky, strict.
- Mr Bucktin: Quiet, freightened, courageous when needed to be.
Atticus Finch:
- Dry sense of humour.
- Strong and Independent, one stand stands by their decision.
-Strong sense of morality and justice, intelligent.
- Wants racial equality.

Jean "Scout" Finch:
- Protagonist, Intelligent, good faith, Mature for her age, Courageous.
- At the beging she struggles to decipher what is wrong and what is right.

Tom Robinson:
- Negro, Shy, Physically Impaired, Accused of rape.
- Sweet and gentle person who is viewed in a negative point of view from the town.
- Classified as one of the books 'Mockingbirds'.

Boo Radly:

- Rumours circulate about him of why he never steps foot out of the house.
- Is actually a nice, caring person.
- A good person injured by the evil of mankind.
- Is one of the books 'Mockingbirds'.

Other Important Characters:
Jem Finch: Courageous, Questions things, brave.

Jasper has learnt from experience that he does not belong in Corrigan as he is viewed differently from everybody else.

This quote displays the trust and faith that Jasper has in Charlie. By Jasper trusting Charlie it creates a sense of belonging in both of the characters.
When charlie alludes to Superman it is showing how he feels weak and powerless, in every experience he has been through. He strives to be strong-minded and confident by always shys away because he feels like this is not him and he is not confident. This can limit Charlies chances of belonging.

By contrasting these two illustrates how even Charlie knows, from expeience, that the town is untrustworthy and shadows Jasper as a thief, liar and an outcast. They tend to blame everything on a person who is different with an 'unsteady' upbringing.
~ Based in a small fictional town called Corrigan in Western Australia.
~ A thirteen year old boy experiences a situation that changes his life forever. But in order to help the outcast of the town, he must discover his morals, strength and weaknesses. He will discover the true evil of the town.
~ Vietnamese conscription.
~Small town mentality.
~Western Australia, 1965.
~Racial Issues.
~ Craig Silvey was born in Western Australia and the book was publihed in 2009.
~ Coming of age story.

"This quote is from an authoritative figure and is speaking the truth. ,empathetic language is used as Atticus is sympathizing people who get judged, the moral of this quote is don't make judgements.

This quotes displays how Atticus sees everybody in Maycomb as a replica of eachother for example in their views, choices and opinions on people. This shows how when people negatively influence each other on views of individual can limit the individuals chances of belonging.

This metaphor expains how the views of the town believe that if you have only the smallest connection to a negro, you are fully one. The work black can symbolise darkness and danger which is why the town of Maycomb are afraid of black people.
Not belonging is when an individual feels uncomfortable in their surroundings or with other people. Individuals who do not belong can be called an outcast, they are also alienated or isolated.
The view others have on each other can limit an individuals chances of belonging.

Questions you need to ask yourself;
~ What is your thesis?
Who and what are the authors and texts you are using?
The coming of age novels 'Jasper Jones' by Craig Silvey and renowned 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee.
~ What are you arguments to support you thesis?
It is good to find three arguments, or more. For example; Peoples opinions and views on an individual can negatively affect their chances of belonging.
~ Link back to the question.
e.g Trust is an important factor in the realm of belonging.
This is evident in Craig Silvey's 'Jasper Jones'', the text illustrates how by being able to trust people allows individuals to create a sense of belonging.
T - Technique (You can use multiple techniques in your essay, just make sure you provide and example, explanation and link it to the question.)
e.g Silvey uses repetition and colloquial language.
E - Example (Find a quote to support your statement and technique).
e.g "I can't. I can't mate. But I can trust you, Charlie. I reckon I can trust you."
E - Explain (explain what your quote is talking about and why the particular technique is used. Also show the relation between the quote and the argument/question).
This quote displays the trust and faith that Jasper has in Charlie. By Jasper trusting Charlie it creates a sense of belonging in both of the characters. The fact that repetition has been used is to assure and express that Jasper obviously cannot trust someone but believes that he can trust Charlie, also repeating that he trusts Charlie. The use of colloquial language with 'mate' shows a brotherhood bond between the two male characters. Such slang words show that Jasper feels like Charlie is his friend and has been for a long time.
L - Link it back to the question
Therefore, through the use of repetition and colloquial language we can be shown how the attitudes of others can cause another individual to belong through trust and brotherhood.
"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." ~ Atticus Finch ~ emotive language and truism.
"You have a drop of negro blood, that makes you all black."
- Jem Finch ~ metaphor
"I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks." ~ Atticus Finch ~ authoritative voice.
"I can't. I can't, mate. But I can trust you, Charlie. I reckon I can trust you."
- Jasper Jones ~ repetition.
“This town they think I’m a bloody animal. They think I belong in a cage.”
- Jasper Jones ~ Colloquial language and metaphor.
“Every instance in my life, I've felt like the exact opposite of Superman."
- Charlie Bucktin ~ Allusion.
"All that matters is the fact of this girl's death and this towns imagination."
- Charlie Bucktin ~ contrast.
A theme is the central topic a text treats.
Morality and Ethics
Justice and equality
Racism and discrimination
Compassion and understand
Alientation and isolation
Belonging to others
Belonging to place
Belonging to oneself

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The learning style that I addressed was a visual learner. The way that I addressed this style was creating a power point presentation and outlining the key factors that make a good essay, by also providing an example from the texts I chose can allow the learner to understand more clearly how they can address their own essay.
What motivated me was the way that I learn, I incorporated how I learn best into my presentation and what helps me write an essay. They way in which I addressed the goals and objectives was writing down all the information I knew, including some research so the information provided was accurate and reliable. The examples provided would give higher chances to students to obtain a ‘B’ grade and they can use the outline of my examples to help them create their own essay.
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