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Copy of Nursingbuddies


Dee Vyas

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Nursingbuddies

Are in a new and strange environment
They have left their comfort zone
Left friends and family
They are nervous and apprehensive
They need reassurance
They need to know they are welcome
They need to know that someone cares Academics:
Have a job to do!
Information to disseminate
A curriculum to engage in
Timetabling to be completed
Deadlines to meet
Meetings to attend
Pressures that students just don't understand!! It's a recipe for CHAOS How do we address the situation? The Student Experience
needs to be a quality one How do we ensure this? Relate to Students at the earliest possible time:
Contact them prior to arrival
Figures show that students have a tendency to drop out even after having been interviewed and having accepted a place on the course.
Let students know that we are excited about them coming to us Entering HE is not
without its problems: There probably is no perfect recipe that suits all.

However in Nursing this is what we have done: So the department captured all this good practice Students are often more informed and perceptive in relation to technology and the internet than we give them credit for They know all about
social networking
my space
Flickr Whether we like it or not
this is the world that our
students live in and the
world that HE needs to be
part of in order to
understand our students today. In order to:
Encourage proactive communication between students and academics
To enable students to meet other students online prior to coming to MMU
To facilitate the numerous questions that students have to be actioned and answered in a friendly environment
To create an electronic alumni record of all nursing cohorts We
cyberspace!! Using the NING operating system an exclusive social networking site called:nursingbuddies0309 nursingbuddies0309 has been running now for over a year.

It has developed a "personality" of its own.

it's become a place were the students of the March 09 Cohort can go,
to meet up with their colleagues,
to discuss issues related to assignments
to chat in general about anything they wish related to the course, placements and nursing in general. It facilitates:
easy communication with the whole cohort on any given subject
it enables academics and students to have a common ground for debate and discussion.
it assists with online learning
it allows the students to make it their forum by personalising it with photos, videos, music etc An academic cohort lead is given administrative rights to the forum to approve content before it is uploaded.

Letters of invitation were sent out out to all students who were joining us in March 2010 and as a result the nursingbuddies0310 site is now being populated. We asked a question at the beginning of the presentation.................
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