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Amazing Luxembourg

No description

Eddy Schilling

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Amazing Luxembourg

France Germany Belgium Netherlands Great Britain Switzerland Luxembourg French Border German Border Belgium Border Luxembourg History Czech Republic Austria Current Population: 537,853 Luxembourgers (2013) Leaders and Government Government: Constitutional Monarchy Grand Duke: Henri Prime Minister: Jean-Claude Juncker - Luxembourg is a representative democracy with a constitutional monarchy - Is the only remaining Grand Duchy in the world, which is a country whose head of state is a monarch, either a Grand Duke or Grand Duchess - Luxembourg's official country name is the "Grand Duchy of Luxembourg" - Official Languages: Luxembourgish, German, and French - Highest GDP per capita (PPP) in the world according to The World Bank ($88,797) Euro Grand Duke Henri Luxembourg was founded in 963 AD and they gained full independence from the Netherlands in 1815 In 1930 Belgium wanted inpedendence from the Netherlands too. Two-Thirds of Luxembourg joined Belgium to fight against the Dutch and many considered them another section of Belgium Luxembourg's remaining territory is in dark purple. The 1939 Treaty of London confirmed Belgium as independent and that Luxembourg was split into Belgium Luxembourg and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (which is Luxembourg) Netherland's remaining territory is in pink Territory Belgium gained from Netherlands is in light green Territory Belgium gained from Luxembourg is in dark green Kingdom of Netherlands (Dutch) Belgium Luxembourg Luxembourg is now a developed country and a member of NATO and the European Union. Their small population benefits their economy and their closeness to Belgium, France, and Germany benefits them as well. This is why Luxembourg is one of the richest and advanced countries in the world. Challenges in Luxembourg Such a small nation like Luxembourg can be easily overpowered by larger nations like Germany. Luxembourg is slightly smaller than Rhode Island -This was the case in both World Wars when Luxembourg chose to stay neutral and was overrun by Germany in both wars Poland Ireland Luxembourg's size is no threat to other countries, but back in history, Greater Luxembourg had much more territory but has lost much of its land throughout the years. - Despite their current size, Luxembourg still expects to have and has had a big say in European affairs. - As one of the founding members of NATO and the European Union, Luxembourg is a small country that's gaining recognition Current Trends in Luxembourg One of the current trends in Luxembourg is their unemployment rate Luxembourg unemployment's rate has historically been around 3%, which is really good, but throughout the years, the unemployment rate has been steadily increasing One of the reasons this could be happening is the global economic crisis that began late in 2008, which affected all the European members. Luxembourg Italy By Eddy Schilling
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