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Demi Mammoliti

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of MY LIFE IN IMAGES

Last year me, Mia (my sister,) and my Dad went to a ferrari car show at Barbargallos, we were asked to take professional pictures for them. This was a big part of my life because, I was able show people that I can take pictures professionaly without people thinking I was too young. Also I was able to learn alot from my dad and meet amazing people. We were called the Pix Crew.
Task A

This was my very first camera. When I got this camera I was 4 years old and I was very happy, because I was able to learn alot and be creative. This also meant that my parents were starting to be more trustworthy of me. The camera below helped me realise how much I love photography.
Task A
The picture below is me when I was in year 4. This was the first St.Kieran assembly where I was the lead with Jesse. During the assembly I had to be very confident and brave because it was very scary to me. Doing this assembly helped me become more confident and comfortable infront of large crowds.
Task A
My family and I decided to go to Australind in 2012 and see my grandparents. When we got there we went to the fair. This was the first big ride my mum let me go on (only when my cousin agreed to come with me.) That was the day that made me love the thrill and danger of rides and rollercosters.
Task A
This was my very first WEMA singing concert with Olivia Cleverly, and we were only in year 3. I loved this day, I wasn't nervous at all because my best friend was beside me, I even danced a bit as I was singing Mamma Mia. At this moment in life it showed how much I love my friends, because they support me and help me get over some fears.
Task A
Task A
Ever since my very first sport carnival I had always dreamed of being a sport captain. I loved cheering for my team, I was very confident and I loved the idea of leading my faction. Last year (2014) I was given that opportunity, I was so happy to hear my name being called out to be a Killara (red) sports captain. Being given this honour helped me improve my leadership skills, and I was also able to get to know our sport teacher Mr.Hort a little bit better.
Task A
At the end of last year my nonno (grandfather) had a big operation on his knee. He had struggled to walk and now has a large scar on his knee. My nonno pushed through and is now back working at solar hart. My nonno inspired me to keep going no matter what obstacles get in my way, and when I fall down to get back up.
Task A
Like every other 5 year old child on my first day of pre-primary I was really scared, although my mum held my hand to the door and told me about all the amazing things about pre-primary. This day helped me see how supportive and amazing my mum is. That day made me realise that my mum would always be there for me.
Task A
This was Mia's first day of pre-primary. On this day I was very sad to see my sister go, because when I was 2 years old I was very connected to my sister. When Mia went to school it made me want to go to school as well. Before this day I never wanted to go to school. That day helped me realise that my sister would set a good example for me to follow throughout my life.
Task A
When my cousins first got their farm in 2013 there was a lot of trees and bushland to be cleaned up. My family and I went to Australind to help them. We gathered all the trees and bushes and had one massive bombfire. Going to the farm helped me toughen up, because before that if I were to touch dirt or anything without gloves I would hate it. Now I'm climbing trees and riding the motorbike at the farm.
In 2012 I passed level 10 in Australind. In Australind they didn't focus so much on the swimming but more on the lifesaving side of the lesson. During these lessons I felt that I had learnt a lot of lifesaving tips, not only to save others but myself as well. This helped my fitness, and taught me how to save myself and others.
Task A
Task A
Ever since my sister played netball I had always dreamed of being as good as her. The picture below shows my netball team from St.Kieran, we played together since 2012. Unfortunately in 2015 some people decided not to play. This amazing team taught me so much, and made me a better player. On our last year representing St.Kieran we were able to win our division.
This was my first birthday on the 26th of May 2004. I know I can't remember it that well, but I do know that practically all my family was there. This day showed how all my family would always be there for me no matter what.
Task A
Task A
In 2011 I had my first reconciliation, with my cousin Marco. Reconciliation is an amazing sacrament, as it cleanses me of my sins. This has really helped me in my life, because it makes me feel happy knowing that God has forgiven me.
In 2012 I had my First Holy Communion. That day was very special, because I received the body of Christ. This was a really important day as I became closer to God.
Task A
Task A
During Confirmation I received the gifts of the Holy Spirit with my cousin Marco in 2014. When I had my Confirmation I was then considered an adult in the Catholic church. This has helped grow into a grow into a responsible member of the Parish.
The picture below shows my last day at St.Kieran Catholic Primary School in 2014. This was a very sad day, as we were saying goodbye to our school and some amazing friends. Without these people in my life I would be a totally different person. My special friends and teachers taught me not only how to read and write but also how to be a good class member.
Task A
Task A
This year (2015) I was very scared about coming to high school, not only the large amounts of homework but the people I might meet. At my year 7 camp I was able to get to know so many people in my priory, and make new friends. Making so many friends really helped me make a fun start high school.
At my graduation last year I was proudly given a citizenship award. This was an amazing honour as I was recognised as a good member of the community. My family and grandparents were there to see me receive this award, and they were very proud.
Task A
Task B
2003 (BORN)
I grew spiritually
as I became part
of God's home.
I grew physically,
because I increased
in strength.
I grew physically,
emotionally, and
intellectually, because
everything was very new.
I grew physically,
because I was doing
I grew physically
and socially, as I
made friends and I
learnt dance routines.
I grew emotionally,
intelectually, and socially,
because I made new friends,
learnt different subjects, and this wa the first time I was away from my parents
for a whole day.
I grew inelectually, because I learnt how to sing and read music
I grew physically and
socially. My coach taught
me lots of skills/techniques
to strengthen my muscles, whilst
making lots of friends.
I grew spiritually, because
God had forgiven all my sins.
I grew spiritually, because
I received the body of Christ.
I grew emotionally, because my Aunty had moved all the way to Melbourne and it was very emotional.

I grew spiritually, because
I received the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
I grew intellectually
and socially, because I made new friends and learnt many new subjects.
Task C
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