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Hi still working on it but I will get there By Montell*_*

room18 room18

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Lions

Lions adapt by living in groups called prides, with around 20-30lions in it.A pride consists there are three males, a dozen females and their cubs.The size of a pride is determined by the availability of the food and water,if resources are scarce the pride will get smaller.
*Lions are the second largest cat in the world
*Unlike other cats lions are very social animals
*Lions roar can be heard from 3miles away
*Female lions do 85-90% of hunting for the pride
*Lions run at a speed of up to 81kmph
Lions adapt to their habitat mainly by blending in with the vegetative background,that helps them mimicry.They mostly live in grasslands,for their brown coats that match with the grasses pigment.Did you know that the night is the start on a lions day?
-About prides
-Physical Features
-What lions eat
-What their features are for
-Main predator
-4 legs
They also adapt by changing their diet also they will vary in size because of the amount of prey and they also the amount of water and shelter in the area.
Lions eat meat,beef and pork,but actually they really just eat what they find when there hunting in the area.
By Montell

What their features are for
-Claws help them to grab and attack their prey
-Paws help lions run fast to get away from their predators
-Teeth help lions to kill and eat their prey
-A mane protects a male lions neck so they won't get bitten on it
-Eyes help them observe their so they know where it is going
-A Lions nose help them to smell the prey
-Ears help lions hear if their prey is coming close
Main Predator
Lions main predator is mostly humans because humans kill lions so they can use the hair from their mane to use for clothing,carpets and many more stuff.
This report is about lions,lions are mammals and are not endangered so that's lucky.But unlucky for other animals lions are their predators.
Are you scared of a lion?
I am going to present
Skeleton of a lion
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