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EIA Project

No description

Sungho Chae

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of EIA Project

EIA Project
Harbor Group
Tutor: Henk Horstink
Group members:

Inna Lukjaneca, Marjan Mehdikhan,

Meihui Song, Bert Draaijer, Pan Li,

Sungho Chae, Joni Viitalla
Harbor Group
Sungho Chae
Li Pan
Inna Lukjaneca
Song Meihui
Joni Viitalla
Marjan Mehdikhan
Bert Draaijer
Existing Situation
Main Research Question
Existing companies
House owners
Land owners
Social housing society
Indicators &
Job number
Investment amount
Descriptions of Scenarios
Zero+ Scenario
Housing Scenario
Entertainment Scenario
Zero+ Scenario
Housing Scenario
green area : single houses

blue area : two story houses

yellow area : apartment housing

No.1 and 2 : student houses

No.3 : rebuild factory to supermarket

No.4 : drug store

No.5 : movable bridge

No.6 : parking area
Entertainment Scenario
Multi Criteria Analysis
Q & A
Thank you
What measures can be taken to give Deventer Harbor Quarter area economical impulse and improve quality of life of research area's inhabitants without harming surrounding nature?
Henk Horstink
• Detailed feasibility study
• Reverse lane
• Big parking for bicycles
• Advertisement of public transport
• Parking fee
• Sound insulation
• “Green belt”
• Solar panels
• Heat recuperation from used shower water
• Attention for wastewater management

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