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Joachim Vadian

No description

Ignacio Ramirez

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Joachim Vadian

Where educated ?
Date of birth?
November 29, 1484, St Gallen, Switzerland
Date of death?
April 6, 1551, St Gallen, Switzerland
Cause of death?
Joachim Vadian died of Natural causes.
Did for living?
Swiss humanist reformer, City physician,Was a traveler, Librarian( Owned own private library), Mayor of St. Gall
Was a writer, editor, and wrote poems, He had gained some reputation as the author of Latin poems.
Wanted equality, Thought nobody was bigger than anyone, He believed in what Martin Luther believed in and was against the catholic church
Church attended ?
Attended the Anabaptist church
Joachim Vadian
Went to the University of Vienna
By: Ignacio Ramirez
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