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Where is the Southern Colony Located?

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arianna dupree

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Where is the Southern Colony Located?

The History Of The Southern Colony
By:Arianna Dupree
The Southern Colony is located on the edge of the south.

Where is the Southern Colony Located?
Cecil Calvert found Maryland in 1634.John Smith found Virginia in 1607.Nobles found North Carolina in 1663.Nobles found South Carolina in 1663.James Oglethorpe found Georgia in 1732.
Who found the Southern Colony?When was it found?
The coastal plains and the rolling hills were perfect for raising crops.
Why was the Southern Colony started?
What was the important city?
In Virginia,Jamestown was the important city or capital.
What was daily life like in the Southern Colony for children?

Children were taught manners,reading,writing,and prayers.
What was life like in the Southern Colony for Women?
Women had to clean,cook,and take care of their kids.
What was daily life like in the Southern Colony for men?
Men had to work in the fields and not get paid and worked day and night.
What was daily life like for slaves?
They were forced to work without getting paid.They were separated from their comrades(friends)and kin(family or relative).
What did the Southern Colony produce?

They produced tobacco,rice,and indigo.
What kind of government did the Southern Colony have?
They had a royal government and a proprietary government.
How many people lived in the Southern Colonies in 1770?
About 400,000 people(slaves)lived in the Southern Colonies.

The slaves grow indigo,tobacco,and rice.
Their government was royal.
Maryland,Georgia,North Carolina,South Carolina,and Virginia make up THE SOUTHERN COLONIES!

land of the brave.info/southern-colonies.htm
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