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Paris, France

No description

Linh Chau

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Paris, France

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
Eiffel Tower AKA Iron Lady
Height is 324 meters
Consists of three platforms each one containing one restaurant
Regarded as one of the most romantic places in the the world
Has a record of the highest number of suicides than any other French Landmarks
January 28, 1887 - March 31, 1889
Champ de Mars, Paris, Paris, 75007
300 workers helped built the Eiffel tower
Made of Wrought Iron
Was built as the entrance for the 1889 World Fair
Fair marked the centennial celebration of the French Revolution
It was ordered to be built in 1806 by the French Emperor Napoleon & took 30 years to be built
It was built in honor of those who fought for France
There are inscriptions in the inner and outer surfaces and in the ground underneath the vault of arch which includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the Memorial Flame burns and is the cause for making this a patriotic site
It stands at the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle & located at the western end of the Champs- Elysees
Arc de triomphe
Almost 2 Kilometers long and 70 meters wide
Most famous avenue in the world
Cinemas, theaters, cafes, luxurious shops, monuments
Used for all the major celebrations
Most fashionable place to walk
Champs Elysees
"La Plus Belle Avenue du Monde" - the most beautiful avenue in the world
"Champs-Elysees" or Elysian Fields was derived from Greek mythology where "Elusia" is a place where heroes come to relax
Fun Facts
Group 1
Place de la Concorde
French Revolution


Eiffel Tower
Jacques Ange Gabriel, began construction on behalf of Louis XV in 1754 and completed in 1763
The square showcased an equestrian statue of the king
At the north end of the square, there are two identical buildings that's separated by the Rue Royale meaning Royal Street
The eastern building was initially the French Naval Ministry
The western building was the home of Duc d'Aumont. The building was later purchased by Comte de Crillon, and then converted into a hotel by the name of Hôtel de Crillon.
It was also the headquarters of the German High Command during WWII.
The Luxor Obelisk was given to French in 1829, and placed in the center of the square where the guillotine resided
During the French Revolution, the Place de la Concorde was named the Place de la Revolution.
It held the guillotine that executed Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Danton, and Robespierre along with 2,800 others between 1793-1795
The guillotine was then removed a year after the Reign of Terror ended
After the revolution, the Place de la Concorde underwent many name changes from Place de la Concorde, Place Louis XV, Place Louis XVI, Place de le Chartre, and once again Place de la Concorde
1616- Marie de Madicis put trees along a path going east toward Tuileries
1667- was redesigned by landscape designer Andre Le Notre to be used as an extension of the Jardins des Tuileries
1724- extended with Tuileries Garden axis to what is now Arc de Triomphe
1828- actually became city property
1838- Ignaz Hittof redesigned into present form
1994- Latest redesign by Bernard Huet
In the sixteenth century, this land was nothing but fields
It's the second largest triumphal arch standing today
It stands at about 49.5m tall, 45m wide, & 22m deep
The Tomb of the unknown soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located beneath the arc
It basically refers to a monument in dedication of an unidentified soldier and in memory of all the fallen French soldiers who died during the war
Every day since 1923 at 6pm French war veterans rekindle the Flame of Remembrance on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Brief History
Differences and SImilarities
Empire State Building (443 m)
Eiffel Tower (324 m)
Statue of Liberty (93 m)
Empire State Building (Steel)
Eiffel Tower (Wrought Iron)
Statue of Liberty (Copper)
Empire State Building (62 m)
Eiffel Tower (24m)
Gustave Eiffel:
The architect/engineer of the Eiffel Tower created the internal frame of the Statue of Liberty
References In Pop Culture
References in Pop Culture
In the Star Trek universe, the Place de la Concorde is the location of the offices of the President of the United Federation of Planets
In The Devil Wears Prada, Andrea Sachs throws her phone into one of the Fontaines de la Concorde.
In the Maximum Ride series (book), the seventh book, ANGEL, includes the Place de la Concorde as a rally area to a crime organization known as the Doomsday Group
In Tom Clancy's EndWar, the Place de la Concorde is across the bridge from the spawn point and is a major firefight zone
In Matthew Reilly's first book in the Jack West Jr series, Seven Ancient Wonders, the Place de la Concorde is the resting place of a piece of the capstone to the Great Pyramid at Giza
In Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Rosemary and Dick pass through the Place de la Concorde several times during their secret liaison

Sex and the City
Similarities & Differences
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located beneath the Arc de Triomphe
The Gateway Arch is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
The Arc De Triomphe is the 2nd largest arch in the world standing at 50m tall and 49m wide
The Gateway Arch is the world's tallest arch standing at 192m tall and 16m wide
The Arch De Triomphe has inscriptions and sculptures while the Gateway Arch is just stainless steel with no inscriptions whatsoever
References in pop culture
The Arc De Triomphe is used in many movies to give the movie that typical Paris vibe for example in the movie National Treasure 2- Books of Secret with Nicolas Cage
Similarities and Differences in Architecture
Place de la Concorde is very similar to the area that surrounds the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.
The Lincoln Memorial and the two twin buildings at the Place, have similar architecture.
The architecture at Place de la Concorde is 18th century France. There are not many places in the U.S. that has the same style.
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